Friday, January 1, 2010

daily fresh mask - tomato white collagen

Vov Masks
Daily Fresh - Tomato white collagen

Price 2000 won (less than $2 US)
On the package :Yammy mask pack for clean and pure skin
Tomato’s fresh vitamin provides a whitening effect, and Lycopene’s anti-oxidation effect helps to provide an elastic skin like tomato’s.
 The Tomato white collagen mask,  promises a lot. Whitening, tightening and freshening.
I’m not sure about any of the claims. 
Unlike some of the Daily fresh masks, there was no tingling while wearing it.  The solution absorbed well, but left my face slightly greasier than the others. Almost as though it contains some oil. So the product did not absorb and then disappear.
The day after, there is some mild irritation around my nose. Suggestion a possible reaction. Nothing major, but my skin isn’t lovely and nice like it was the day after the Pomegranate collagen mask.
I will not repurchase this one!

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