Saturday, January 2, 2010

Missha - Brand Introduction
Missha is a Korean Skin care and Makeup brand, that like Etude house, Tony Moly, and many others has it’s own stores here.
Which means Missha has a massive amount of products. There are a number of different skin care lines, including a very sleek men’s line. 
As a brand Missha is characterized by sleek modern packaging and more subtle work appropriate looks.
The prices are also more expensive than most of the brands with independent stores, but of course cheaper than department store brands.
For example  a stamp blush is about 8000won ($8), a baked blusher is ($17).
At etude house those prices would be about $5 and $12, and a a low end department store brand $15 and $25 respectively. 
Because their packaging looks super Elite I immediately fell in love.
And since they do not test on animals, I am super excited to try out their stuff!!!!!
The Missha stores aren’t very common where I’m living, so I’ve recently just discovered it, and the first time I went in to a store, they were having a 50% Holiday sale!!!
So I admit I bought a fair number of things…

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