Saturday, January 9, 2010

Missha dual tip eyes

Missha - Dual tip eyes
Price: 6000won/$5.99 
On Sale: 3000won/ $3!!!!!!!! 
Colors: pink CR01 and brown BE01  
The dual tip eye, a liner and cream eyeshadow combo is not normally the sort of thing I would waste my money on.
They are super slim compact pencils, with a whole eye look in one tiny compact package. With my Christmas Vacation approaching, and the dual tip eye being 50% off, they seemed perfect. Since on Vacation I was traveling to Japan and China, where I would have to carry all my luggage on the train and suitcase, I was attempting to pack light.
The liner is a dial up pencil type liner. It's very creamy and smooth.
Cr01 is a deep metallic bronze liner BE01 is a soft cool tone bronze, much much paler than CR01

As liners they are very nice colors. The cream shadows are Cr01 Pinkish peach ( slightly metallic)

BE01 super pale bronze

.Both make for very complete, very subtle and very lovely eye looks.

The problem… They don’t last. At all. Like an hour or two tops…Sometimes cream shadows have good staying powder. Occasionally… with a good brand…
The dual tip eyes… *sigh* I love the idea. I really do. They are just something of a flop. I am going to test them with a good primer underneath. If that works out, I will update…. Conclusion : Very pretty, but not enough staying power to be worth buying!
Conclusion : Very pretty, but not enough staying power to be worth buying!
Update: I wore the Dual eye tip out to the grocery store today, with my favorite eye primer underneath. I was gone an hour- hour and a half tops. The cream shadow creased like mad, and the liner is now invisible.

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