Sunday, January 17, 2010

Skin food - Gold Caviar collagen serum

Skin food - Gold Caviar collagen serum
Price: 27000 won ($27)
Size: 45ml
If you’ve read my introduction to Skinfood, then you know that the packaging of their products is lack luster at best.
So I didn’t immediately go out and buy any large items, or anything particularly interesting. In fact, the whole brand seemed completely uninteresting to me.
But included with the small things I did buy were piles of samples.
Most were small little packets., but a few larger sizes too.
And eventually I got around to opening those little sample, and actually using their contents.
I have gotten TONS of the Gold caviar collagen serum samples. Inside each package is a clear liquid, thick and heavy, with gold flakes suspended in it.
So I tried it out.
The first time, I really liked it, after a couple of sample packages(over a number of days of course, since one sample is good for two or three uses), I fell in love.
So when my once a month payday came around, I went out and bought the $27 little bottle of Serum. And I was so impressed by the serum I also bought the $27 eye cream set (To be reviewed soon!!!!)
The full size glass bottle is gold and dark purple, with a gold cap. The caviar collagen is the most sophisticated and sleek of the Skinfood products.
The cap itself is a dropper, with the button on top, on the outside of the bottle, for dispensing.
Inside, is a milky white serum, with gold flecks. Quite different from the sample, which was clear and liquid….
As soon as I opened the bottle I was horribly disappointed. The actual product looks so different from the samples.
But it’s not as though I could return it. I used it.
The serum applies smoothly.
Unlike the serums I usually use, it doesn’t absorb cleanly into the skin. The gold Caviar serum is heavy and oil based.
It’s a very heavy serum.

Generally I hate things that don’t absorb into the skin on my face.
For this I make an exception. It makes my face soft, well moisturized, and after a few days of continued use, my skin is tighter, firmer.
In fact, after using it for a day or two, I got over my disappointment that the samples weren’t identical to the actual product, and just fell in love with the real thing.
It has become one of two serums that I use. The other being the hyluranoic acid serum, which I now us in the mornings, to allow me to use the more intensive Gold serum at night.

Oh, and as a side note, the gold flecks, though obvious in the serum itself are not visible once applied.
I don’t know where they go, but you can’t see them!


  1. i think the skin food gold caviar are meant for very dry skin. i'm in my mid 30's and my skin are starting to sag on my cheeks area. i got the serum and cream and got free sample toner. i love the toner which i don not need to apply with a cotton pad. after toner, i used the serum. a little on my t-zone and more on my cheeks and lip area, lightly pat skin for maximum absorption. after that, i applied the cream on my cheeks and sooth out the whole face. i like the scent and can feel my skin tighter.

  2. 2700 won is roughly $2.70 its 27000 ur looking for, great review tho :)

  3. Oops. Typo!
    *Lydia - I'm glad it works for you! It definitely seems to be for dry skin :)

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