Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorite Makeup of 2010 !!!

Favorite Makeup of 2010
Mmmmm Makeup. I think I've bought more Makeup in the past year the the sum of my entire life... Korea has such a wealth of inexpensive, but amazing make up. It felt like every time I left the house I would run into something amazing that I just had to have.
But I had a hard time making this list. My favorite skin care list was Easy. Makeup, is harder. Even though I tried lots of things, and liked many of them, a lot of them weren't things that I would go back and buy again and again.....
But there are certainly a number of amazing things I've found :)
Foundation/ BB

Let me introduce you to the BEST BB cream ever!!! It's the 'Absolute total BB' by Skin79.

It's super expensive at 29900 won($30!!), but on g-market it can be  as cheap as $9 :).
It is light, but with great coverage, super natural, makes my skin feel better after using it, has an SPF of 37 PA +++. It's AMAZING. I am almost done my second tube!

I'm willing to bet most of you have heard amazing things about Benefit's liquid highlighter (high beam and moon beam). I myself thought it sounded so good, I bought it. It's true, It's lovely. But this, Lime secret shine base by skinfood is SO much better! For one thing, it's huge, 30g compared with High beam at 12g(.45oz)
For another, Skinfood lime shine base costs only $7 less than 1/2 the price of Benefit's($24)!
Plus it has a more liquid consistency (easier to blend), looks more natural, comes in 3 colors, and smells lovely.

I use it every day, I mix a little into my BB foundation, and I get SO many compliments on my skin. I have bought all 3 colors, and doubles of those.... It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Awesome!

It's skin Color play trio

I had a lot of trouble picking out a favorite eyeshadow this year. I found lots of nice ones, ones I liked. But some how all of them were less than exceptional. But then I remembered this BEAUTIFUL eyeshadow that I bought at It's skin. This gorgeous baked trio that was so smooth, so fine and blended so beautifully. It broke after I had used it maybe twice, then I couldn't it in stores... :(

Holika Holkia -Enamel Magicara

For a long time Majolica Majorica has produced my Favorite mascara's. Their Mascaras are always exceptional. But Majolica is Japanese, and I have been living in Korea.
So when I encountered this mascara by Holika Holika, that looked freakisly similar to my fav from Majolica, I was sold.
And while the brush style is different, the mascara is exceptional. Big full lashes, long lasting, and not quite as hard to take of as Mojolica's.

It's a winner.
Lip tint
Etude House's Fresh Cherry Tint
When I was young, and I first got into make up, I thought lip tints were amazing. But as I got older I began to notice how immature the results were, how patchy, the colors odd, few choices, and a funny taste. 
The Fresh Cherry tint is beautiful, creamy, goes on evenly, has a lovely color (there are 3 options) and generally looks nice!

Face shop nail polish
Finally, my favorite nail polish.  There isn't just one..... Korean nail polish is cheap, good quality and comes in a million colors. It is an addiction.
Shown is one of my favorites, a subtle gold glitter(who would have thought), that is subtle and work appropriate. It just always looks beautiful!

So, that's it for my favorites of 2010, but coming up next, my MOST HATED products of 2010. Disasters, wastes of money and break outs galore!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Favorite Skin Care Products of 2010!!!!!!

Favorite Skin Care Products of 2010!!!!!!
Happy New year!!!
Here are my FAVORITE skin care items of the year! Please comment on your favorites too, I'm already searching for new stuff for 2011! :)
When I was writing this I realized, I haven't review a lot of these items.... *shame* But this week, I will get FULL reviews for all of the ones up! Those already reviewed by me, I have included links for :)

It's a TIE!

Etude house Yogurt Peel in Apple vs Nature Republic Apple Fresh foam cleanserBoth are apple foam cleansers. The Etude house one has scrub particles, but both are gentle enough to use every day. 
Both are soooo gentle, and both make my skin feel fresh and soft, but not dry. They even smell similar!
But the Nature republic cleanser was less than $4!

Holika Holika Cooling tonerNot only does this toner come in an adorable bottle (Think witches potions), but it's a gel!!! So I don't need cotton pads,  or any thing but my hands to apply it! Plus it's light, cooling, and gentle!
Mask/ Treatment
Notice how I didn't pick a sheet mask as my favorite? I love sheet masks, they are fun, interesting and convenient. But they aren't very good masks. I find wash off masks, or sleeping masks SO much better.  And I have tried Tons of different sheet masks.

The skinfood papaya mask is not pretty, but it makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized, even the next day! Plus it's cheap and lasts for ages!

Skin79 - New turn therapy serum trio!
I love a good serum. I feel it allows me to customize my skin care. Have this great moisturizer, but you need wrinkle care too? You don't need to settle for a moisturizer that doesn't do either well. Instead combine a serum, wtih targeted needs, and a moisturizer that targets those needs....  What do you think? Multi purpose product (it does simplify), or two products which are great at what they do?
That's partly why I picked this trio of serums. In the winter when the cold weather makes my skin feels dull, I have White Vita C serum to brighten everything up.
When my skin is in sorry shape, I have the repair amino acid serum.
And for all other situations wrinkletox collagen serum
It's an awesome trio. Plus on g-market for the 3 they were under $20!

Facial Moisturizer
Detclear - Moon Night Gel
This is the moisturizer that made me fall in love with gel moisturizers. It absorbs quickly, and makes my skin feel plump and moist. My skin literally feels years younger after using it.  It doesn't have anything that treats wrinkles, it really doesn't multi-task, but it is an outstanding moisturizer.

Body Moisturizer
It is this body oil that has converted me.  I went from hating body oils, to being a little bit in love!
It's certainly messier than a cream, but after a shower, or before bed this body oil offers unprecedented body softening! Plus it smells absolutely Divine!
Anessa- Perfect UV sunscreen EX
SPF 50+ PA+++
At 47 to 50 dollars for only 60ml, this sunscreen is SOOOOO expensive.
But it is honestly worth it.  My skin is sensitive to sunscreen, and this is so gentle. Plus it makes my cheeks feel like a baby's butt. So smooth, so lovely.  I've tried countless different sunscreen options, for many different countries, and this beats out all of them. It goes on smoothly,  doesn't leave a white cast, is NOT oily or greasy, doesn't clog pores, and last forever.
Sunscreen/ Eye brightener
UV Magic Shield by Holika Holika
SPF 50+ PA++
This is a roll up eye brightener stick, with added SPF. I usually don't like eye brighteners, they tend to look obvious, or clump, or are really expensive.
This is a multitasker, it's a gentle eye SPF, it is pink toned, and helps with dark circles, and it works great as a base for BB creams and eyeshadow! 
Coming up NEXT - My favorite Makeup of 2010!!!!!!