Monday, June 6, 2011

Kai - Mascara Guard

Kai -Mascara Guard
Price: $4
I love random, weird, and possibly useless beauty tools....  Which is why I bought the Mascara guard.
It's a little plastic tool that is used to prevent mascara from getting on the eyelids.
It also has two different sizes of mascara combs for unclumping....

I thought it might be handy, since I occasionally ruin my makeup by the tips of my lashes, or the mascara brush hitting my upper eye lid.
Especially when I am trying to get my lashes to be as full as possible.
It sounds good in theory. The problem is i have to use one hand for the mascara guard and the other for my mascara. Which is really awkward.....
It's so awkward, that it is just easier to be careful, or at least more careful, when applying mascara.

The only real plus to the tool, are the two mascara combs on the handle.  The two different sizes are good for controlling how the lashes end up looking, a bit spiky and full, or fine individual lashes.

So this is definitely a gimmick tool, and not worth the couple of bucks I paid for it.