Sunday, May 30, 2010

Skinfood Tea Tree and Lavender Toner for Men

Skinfood Tea Tree and Lavender Toner for Men
Price:$9.90 (9900won)
Size: 140ml
My boyfriend is not in the least metro sexual. I’d say he’s more of a flannel sexual (reference to According to Jim, awesome show!). Basically he has no interest in Skin care.
He keeps himself clean, and that the extent of it.
He’s happy with a bar of soap.
But since we’ve been in Korea, and I’ve been droning on and on about skin care stuff and Makeup (what a trooper he is for putting up with it) and dragging him to this store and that, I’ve somewhat piqued his interest.
So we picked him up some basic skin care products. Most of them from Skinfood, since I’ve been having such good results.
He has oily, acne prone skin. I have dry skin, with no issues with blemishes.
The Tea Tree Oil Toner, comes in a beautiful green glass bottle with a metallic top.
It’s some of the prettiest packaging available at Skinfood. It’s kind of odd that’s its for one of their Men’s care lines… But maybe I’m wrong to assume guys don’t care about pretty things….
Inside is a traditional liquid toner. Different from the more common Korean gel toners (My personal preference.) It is a bit astringent, and does contain alcohol.
I have used it myself, and it’s not nearly as astringent or Harsh as my toner’s I’ve used in North America. It’s the harsiest toner I’ve ever used here in Korea, but would be one of the mildest compared with back home.
And it does leaver my face soft, and not dried out. My Boyfriend who has been using it semi regularly for the past weeks has not noticed dry skin.
But his skin has been more consistently clear.
The toner does smell of lavender and tea tree. The scent is herby, not floral. It’s not distinctly masculine. And personally I don’t feel like I’m using a “men’s” product when I use it.

Overall, I really recommend this toner if you have problem skin and want a more gentle toner.

Thursday, May 27, 2010




5 Winners, over 5 weeks!
I've got a ton of Samples, so I'm going to share :)
Each winner will get 2 Korean sheet masks (Super popular, of random types... Daily Fresh, Etude House, It's Skin, etc.)
and a bunch of samples, at least 5 each winner, plus a toner and emulsion(moisturizer set)
The first winner will get

  Rules (They suck but…. It’s free stuff!)
1. You must be a follower! (So you need to be logged in when you leave your comment so I can identify you!)
2. Please leave a comment on any post regarding samples, telling me what YOU would like to try!
3. The contest is open world wide!
4. Triple entries for anyone who reposts this on their blog or twitter feed!
5. There will be a winner drawn every SUNDAY, until June 13th. 5 Sunday's, 5 winners!

Your chances of winning something are really really good!
6. You can't win twice, but every entry counts for every draw! So you will have 5 chances to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Giveaway winner

This weeks Giveaway winner!!!!!!!!!!! 
There are still  more drawings to go! Enter soon!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apple vinegar fresh foam

Apple vinegar fresh foam
Transparent-type foam  cleanser containg a large amount og potassium, minerals and a citric acid that makes drab skin caused by horny substances smooth, and whose honey extract provides moisture to your skin and thouroughly removes make-up residue.

The Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam sample is precisely the reason I am using only samples for a month. This is exactly the sort of thing I would NEVER buy for myself, and the sample has been sitting in a cupboard for like 6 months. Apple Vinegar..... eww? What do you think? Would you buy a Vinegar face wash?
Smells - Like apples. Like real apples, not like artificial apple scent, with a tiny faint touch of vinegar in the background. But I suspect I only noticed the vinegar scent because I was looking for it! I really like the smell. I love the smell of apples, and the scent of this cleanser is appley but not super strong.
Texture- A gel! I expected a cream, or something, but it looks like HAIR GEL!!!!! So bizarre!
Effectiveness- Wow. That's probably all I need to say, but brevetity is not my strong suit.
So i saw that the cleanser was a gel, and was perpelxed. Then I read the instructions, which say to rub it on the face with water, and it will foam. I patted it on, and with only a tiny bit of rubbing it foamed, just like soap. I actually ended up using way to much cleanser, because I thought there was no way the little bit I was using could foam up enough to do my entire face.
But it did, with tons of extra. Next time, I'll try for half as much!
I washed it off, getting some in  my mouth and eyes as usual (I swear I'm like a kid), The cleanser tastes more vinegary than it smells, but you really aren't supposed to be eating it. And it stung a bit in my eyes, but nothing surprising.
With it all washed off, I dried my face, to find, Wow! My face was soooo soft and smooth! Like I had just exfoliated, and moisturized! Soooo good. 
Buy?- Bought. Seriously. My skin was so soft, and so nice! I might buy extras....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Skinfood Aloe Vera Foaming/Cream cleanser

Skinfood Aloe Vera Foaming/Cream cleanser
A fresh foaming cleanser with aloe extracts to soothe and hydrate skin. Keeps the skin soft and calm after cleansing.
I am quite sure that the Foaming cleanser and Cream Cleanser are the exact same thing. They look and smell the same....
The Foaming cleanser came with the Summer travel set that was GWP!

The Aloe Vera Cleanser is one of the most common samples from Skinfood. It seems every time I buy something from Skinfood I get a packet of this or the Hop Beer Hair wash.
Scent- Unlike all the other Mini's that come in the Summer skin set, the Aloe Vera cleanser does not stink.  It smells like Aloe, soap, with a background of wood. But the scent is mild, and not unpleasant. I'm not keen on 'green' smells, but as far as they go, the Aloe is nice.
Texture- A very thick creamy cleanser. The white cream is pearly, very pretty.
Effectiveness- The cleanser foams and cleans beautifully. Its very gentle, and removes all my makeup. It leaves my skin soft, and doesn't strip.
Buy?- Probably not. I get enough samples of this, I may never run out.... But If you are looking for a very good everyday cleanser, I recommend this. It's a good all round cleanser!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Skinfood Hop Beer shampoo and conditioner, Wormwood body wash

Skinfood Summer Travel Set
I got the Skinfood Summer Travel Set as a gift with purchase when I spent 30000won($30) just before Christmas. Why exactly they released the Summer set in the Winter... I don't know.  With 30ml in each sample, it's a really nice free gift! The Aloe Vera Cleanser I reviewed separately, here.

Hop Beer Hair Wash

I've gotten a number of samples of this shampoo. My hair tends to be finnicky, and the idea of a Beer shampoo really doesn't appeal to me. It seems like the sort of thing that should be in the Men's section of skinfood. But it's not. 
Smells -  Wow does this stuff smell. It's intense. Possibly the most potent product I've ever come across. The weird thing is, it doesn't smell like beer. A little like hops, but very musky, very much like a man's cologne. I really think this should be a Men's product!
Texture- It's a clear brownish orange shampoo. Looks like a orange stout beer.  It doesn't foam very much!
Effectiveness- Except for the smell, the shampoo is quiet nice. It's gentle, but cleansing. It doesn't leave residue, but it also doesn't strip my hair. It's nicely inbetween.
Buy?- Maybe, but only as a gift, for a guy. The shampoo is actually nice. It cleansing ability is something I could comfortably use everyday, it doesn't strip or way down my hair at all. But the smell. It's just so manly. I washed my hair one night before bed, and after work the next day(almost 24hours later, I could still smell my hair at random moments. Ugh. But for a guy, it would make a nice present.

Beer Hair Conditioner
Smells -  Much nicer than the Hair wash(shampoo), It's the same scent, but a lot gentler. Not as over powering.
Texture-  Nice and creamy, it's a light orange brown.  
Effectiveness-It's lightly moisturizing. Nice, not too much. In fact if it weren't for the smell, I would probably by the set. It's a good everyday conditioner, moisturizing without weighing my hair down. It's a really well balanced conditioner.
Buy?- Like the beer shampoo, I would only buy this as a gift for a guy. But with that said, it would be great for a guy, it's well balanced, without being girly.

Wormwood Body Wash
Smells - Green! Like a twig from a tree that you just snapped, kind of like freshly cut grass. It's not a bad scent, a bit manly, but interesting. It's not nearly as smell as the Shampoo, but OMG this stuff is potent! So so so smelly. Even after the container having been opened for months.... It still smell intensely. After using it my whole bathroom smells for the rest of the day!
Texture- The Body wash is a green gel wash, that doesn't foam much on it's own. When used with a body puff it foams a lot more.
Effectiveness- Cleans well, even without using a puff to make it foamy, the cleanser leaves me feeling clean and fresh, and very scented. It's not drying but it's not moisturizing. Pretty basic overall
Buy?- No. It's smells intensely manly, and the cleanser is pretty basic. It's definitely not worth purchasing, for any reason.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Skinfood Mushroom Lifting Ampoule 100 and Algae Smooth Ampoule 100

Skinfood Mushroom Lifting Ampoule 100 and Algae Smooth Ampoule 100

I got the Mushroom and Algae ampoule together(they are joined). Both are super tiny. Barely enough for one application each. But Most packet samples are good for about two aplications so it makes sense (1 application each=2 applications)
And I have, in the 6 months I've been buying skinfood and getting samples, I only received this one sample of the Mushroom and Algae ampoules.
Amazing considering I've gotten duplicates of just about every thing else.
I have no idea what th number 100 means. Maybe the concentration? The ampoules are both supposed to be used as serums. 

Smell- Gross. It smells like wood and dirt. I've never noticed that mushrooms have a smell, so maybe thats what it is. But to me this ampoule smells like rotting wood.
Texture- A runny clear liquid. Not like the thicker serums I'm used to.
Effectiveness- Left my face a little bit sticky, even though I only used a teeny tiny bit of the ampoule. Beyond that I saw no noticeable affect on my skin. After one application I wouldn't expect a positive result. But on the plus side it was at all irritating to my skin, didn't make me break out. 
Buy?- No. The smell itself is a turn off.

Smell- No detectable scent. Yay!
Texture- Thicker than the mushroom apoule, not quiet a gel, but close. And interestingly enough it's filled with irridescent sparkles. Although they do not show up on teh skin after application!
Effectiveness- Unlike the mushroom ampoule, the Algae absorbed cleanly, I could feel that it was on my skin, but only barely. Beyond that, I noticed no reaction with my skin. 
Buy- I'm considering. There is no way to tell if a serum is good with only a single use. Sure you can spot a bad one, but a good one, not so much. Based on the tester it seems like it could be a decent serum. And I SWEAR it's not because it's sparkly!

With a few drops of each left, I applied some of the Mushroom ampoule to one side of my face, and the Algae to the other. By the next morning, the side with Algae was smoother than the other. Especially my forehead. Smoother, and clean feeling. The side with the Mushroom ampoule felt just barely sticky, the residue of leftover product!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Skinfood Gold Caviar Line

Skinfood's Gold Caviar Skin care line
The line includes the essentials, Toner, Emulsion(moisturizer) at least 2 kinds of creams, Ampoule, Serum and Dual eye creams.
I have the full size of the Serum, and the eye creams. All of which I love!

Gold Caviar Toner
Clear Toner, though in the little plastic sample it might look orange, but that's just the bottle. It has real flecks of gold dispersed within it. The toner is thicker than western toners, but not a gel (*sigh* Gel toners are my favorite).
Scent- Perfumed, exactly what the scent is I can't tell, it smells like generic perfume. However, the scent isn't strong, and once it applied it dissipates quickly. It doesn't bother me in the least, plus without perfume, would it smell like fish(caviar) EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
Texture- Not a gel, but thicker than western toners. It has little flecks of gold in it! yay! They do not show up on the skin once the toner has been applied.
Effectiveness- A nice light toner. The smell is faint, and the texture is nice. I've used this Toner sooo many times. I've gotten countless samples of it! I really do enjoy it.
Buy?- Maybe. It's on the expensive side for Skinfood, and it's not a gel toner. I just prefer a gel (no cotton pad need for application!). But on the other hand, its really gentle, makes my skin feel a bit softer, and the only lightly scented. If anyone is thinking of picking it up, you really can't go wrong.

Gold Caviar Emulsion, Gold Caviar Collagen Cream, Gold Caviar Lifting Prime Skin
- I lumped the three together in one review because they are all so similar, they are just variations of moisturizers from the same line from Skinfood. Therefore, the scent is all the same, and the same as the Toner and Serum. Its a light perfumed scent. Not strong or offensive, or even distinct. 

I have the cavair emulsion (moisturizer), the Gold Caviar collagen cream, the Gold caviar lifting prime skin, plus I think there is a gold caviar cream.... What the difference between all of them is....
Not much.
The Gold Caviar emulsion is the runniest and the lightest. But still a med-heavy moisturizer.
the Gold Caviar lifting prime skin is thicker.
The Gold caviar collagen cream seems the same as the lifting prime skin.
The emulsion and collagen cream are the most similar, they both absorb quickly, without leaving a white cast.
The Lifting prime seems to be a different composition.
If you look at the picture, it leaves a white cast.
Beyond that the differences are small. I like Lifting prime the least. It leaves a residue, and the white cast. Which is really peculiar. I can't figure out why it's so different.
It's a toss up between the emulsion and the Collagen cream. The cream if you want more heavy duty moisture, and emulsion for something lighter.
Gold Caviar collagen serum
I love this Serum, I love it so much I bought the full size! See the review Here.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giveaway winner #1, Still time to enter!

Giveaway winner #1!!!!!!!!!!
There are still 4 more drawings to go! Enter soon!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Skinfood Salmon brightening eye serum

Skinfood Salmon brightening eye serum
Containing arbutin and the extracts of Omega 3-rich salmon roe produced in Hokkaido, japan, this eye serum brightens and relieves dark circles arount the eyes.

It seems peculiar to have an eye serum. Does that mean it's supposed to be layered with a eyecream also? Plus, it says it's a cosmecutecial. Suggesting it's supposed to be used before makeup?
I'm not quite sure to be honest what it's supposed to do.

Scent- It does not smell like fish! Yay! It's got a very very faint scent, nothing I can pin down, just faintly perfumed.
Texture- Peculiar for a serum this is creamy.... 
Effectivness- It absorbs beautifully. So if it is meant to be layered under makeup or an eyecream it's definetly light enough to do so.
Beyond absorbtion I'm not sure how well it works... It definetly not a cosmetic, though 'Cosmecutical' suggest an immediate result...  I've used it for a number of days straight, with no significant effect. Although since I've only had a couple of sample packs to use I really can't say.
Buy?- No... It doesn't seem like a bad product, ambiguous yes... But not bad. But it has also done nothing for my dark circles, so unless I hear some good reviews of it, it's a pass.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Skinfood Broccoli sun Cream SPF42 PA+++

Skinfood Broccoli sun Cream SPF42 PA+++
-Waterproof sun screen cream which offers high protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Portulaca aleracea linne, aloe and camomile ingredients protect skin.
Scent- The scent of this sun screen is only faint, and not chemical like many sunscreens. It smells a bit green, a bit like broccoli actually. It's not unpleasant (Even though I HATE broccoli!).
Texture - Very light, very smooth.
Effectiveness - goes on very white, but absorbs quickly, and even though I applied a really heavy layer, it did not leave a white cast on my face.
For such a high SPF this is quite a feat! I find anything over 35SPF leaves somewhat of a white cast.
The only issue I have with this Sunscreen was it left me shiny! Very shiny!
This shouldn't be a problem if you where loose powder, or even pressed powder. I have dry skin, so I almost never do....
Buy?- No, it's a nice sunscreen, but there are a couple of Japanese sunscreens I like Way better. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Skinfood- Black Raspberry

Skinfood- Black Raspberry

Black raspberries are not black berries, though they look the same.... I've eaten them here in Korea (I haven't been able to find regular raspberries), they do not taste the same, very woody, but not bad. And Here in Korea, Skinfood has a whole skin care line using actual extracts from the black raspberry(exactly what this is supposed to do, I don't know....
Black Raspberry Youngyang Serum
-Containing rubus coreanus miquel extract which was used to take care of course and dry skin in the old days and sap from twelve herbal plants, this nutrient serum instantly relieves dryness of your skin.

Smells - Stinks! It smells like wood (maybe raspberry brambles) and pickles. Plus it's really intensely smelly!
Texture- A cream..... Bizarre for a serum, which are usually clear, mostly oil, sometimes water based. But a cream? A white cream? Bizarre.
Buy?-NO! Too smelly!

Black Raspberry youngyang eye cream (wrinkle Care)
- This functional eye cream rapidly enhances resilience around your eyes
Smells - same as the rest of the line. Eww!
Texture- beautiful light cream, really soft, really light. Absorbs super quickly!
Buy?- No!

Black Raspberry youngyang cream
-Containing rubus coreanus miquel extract which was used to take care of course and dry skin in the old days and sap from twelve herbal plants, this nutrient cream instantly relieves dryness of your skin.
Smells - same as the serum, wood and pickles.....
Texture- A smoth nice cream. A little sticky, but absorbs pretty well. Not too heavy for summer, and really nice for drier skin.
Effectiveness- Thick, creamy and nice. My skin felt soft the next morning. Not amazingly soft, but better than your average cream.
Buy?-No, I just can't get past the smell....

The line overall is lackluster. Maybe if I had tried the full sizes, instead of 3 days worth of samples, I would have felt differently, but I don't think so. The smell was werid, and the product lack luster. This is a pass If I've ever seen one.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skinfood- Black sesame hot mask

Black sesame hot mask
-This mask opens up the pores with a warm heat of salt and sugar powder and eliminates wast material in a rough skin affected by accumulated keratin. It provides an amazing silkiness to skin with nourishing black sesame extract.

Smells - very lightly of seasame, barely noticable, at least until I washed it off, then it was strongly sesame. A nice smell though. Not articifical at all. 

Texture- not that scratchy, but a bit rough, not rough enough to be a scrub.
It has big chunks of black sesame, which also aren't scratchy.
Until washing it off, then it felt very scrub like, and could be used as a scrub. Interesting how the wash of texture was different than the apllication texture!

Effectiveness- gets quite hot whe applied to a damp face. My face got quite hot, and very red, as the mask brought up lots of blood. But in a hot mask, this is a good thing. It actually made me sweat!
It was almost to the point of uncomfortable, which in my opinion is a good thing. Hot but not too hot.
Left my face very very smooth, softer, and very warm!

Buy? Yes. I am definitely going to get the large version of this. I generally find heat up masks are gimicky, rather than effective. But this one is not like that,  after one use this mask made my skin extra smooth. 

Skinfood - Honey Black Tea Jelly foam

Honey Black Tea Jelly foam 
-Honey black tea cleansing foam with a glutionus jelly texture. It contains honey extract effective for moisturizing dry skin and black tea for eliminating keratin and giving skin a boost.
Smells INTENSELY of Honey and tea. It's over poweringly strong, nice, but as though I smeared honey and 20 pots of tea all over teh bathroom. Sometimes Skinfood samples smell more intensely than the actual product. 
Texture- super runny, clear liquid, and did not foam AT ALL??? isn't it suposed to be a foam?
effectiveness - seems to very gently cleanse. Very light, very soft, very gentle
Buy?- No, though it's gentle and softens my skin, I don't 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sample overload! And a new goal!

Samples samples samples.

OMG I have so many samples. I absolutely love that here in Korea you get samples with just about every Makeup or skin care purchase. But over the past 6 months, I have accumulate A LOT of samples.
Just look at them all (and there are more not shown, hidden away Everywhere!)
So I've decided it's time to jump in. I am going to use only samples, until I run out.
It's my mission.
I'm not allowed to use any of my regular beauty products, if i have a sample.
My samples mostly consist of skin care, moisturizers, toners, and cleansers.
But there are also shampoos, body washes, and a fair number of BB creams.
So this could be a serious disaster, my hair does not like weird shampoo!
So over the next few weeks I am going to be posting a Million mini reviews.
But for you my dear readers, it also means I am going to share the wealth!
I am going to do a giveaway, with a winner drawn every week for the next 5 weeks!
So keep an eye on the blog, I will be posting the giveaway later today!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Holika holika - A new Korean brand!!!!!!!

Holika Holika
Korea has come out with a brand new brand *snickers*.
I came across when in Seoul a couple of weeks ago, tucked away in meyong-dong, across from Forever 21.
Holika Holika

The building definitely makes an impact, all pink with a giant clock and witch riding a broom.
And the shop ladies are all wearing cute purple witch costumes!!!!!!!! I didn''t take a picture of the shop ladies though.... I thought that would be a little creepy!
It's seriouly exciting!
The store itself is really pretty, lots of magical themed displays, gold, purple, swirls, black cats. oooo

The poster is of Matsushima Emi. But Holika's main endorsement is CNblue.
I got this folder, with a CNblue member on it, with some of the stuff I but at Holika!
Holika Holika only came out in March, I was there only a couple of weeks after opening (sadly I don't live near Seoul, other wise I would have found out sooner.
The brand is by the same makers of Enprani, but much much cheaper.
The whole theme of Holika Holika is witches and magic, which I think is too cute.
I immediately bought a ton of stuff!

Apple shine-peeling sheet mask, Cream shadow, peach BB cream
Garden recipe body scrub,  Pore cover mousse
My favorite item is this plumping cream. It's bizarre, and comes in a cute bottle!
My other favorite, a gel toner! Its super nice :) 

But I do have bad news for all my readers, the brand is so new, that none of the items are avaliable on G-market yet....
So you will all have to wait...
It probably won't be long though, because a second store already opened up in Myeong-dong, in Seoul. 2 stores in 2 months, that's quick :D

Brand new line of Skin food wash of masks!!!!!!

Skinfood has a new line of products!!!!!!!!!!

I was perusing my local skinfood, when I noticed a sign, saying new.... And sure enough, there is a whole new type of product.

It a series of six different masks.
Acorn jelly mask 10900 ($10.90)
Acai Berry  mask 11900($11.90)
Honey Red Orange mask  9900($9.90)
Chocolate  mask  9900($9.90)
Ginesing  mask 12900($12.90)
Olive mask 10900($10.90)

The selling point is that each contains products from across the world, like Acai berries from the Amazon, Honey and red orange from New Zeland, Chocolate from Belgium, Olives from Spain, and the acorns and ginseng from Korea. Which probably accounts for the cost.... Since for skinfood the masks are more than a little pricey. Their regular masks run from 4700won to 8000won, for about the same size as the new masks.

They come in little glass jars with paper wrapped on top. Much like little homemade jam jars. I like the look of the packaging, but if anyone is considering ordering them online, the glass makes them very heavy :( .

I picked up the Red Orange Honey mask intially.
Since I was in Skinfood the day after the masks came out, there were no testers out yet.
I brought it home, and opened it up...
Only to find, it wasn't a mask at all.
But a scrub.
Then I look at the tag. Silly me, I should have looked at the little tag in the store. I did actually try, but it was tightly attached to the product, and i was concerned about ripping the tag with a Skinfood worker hovering next to me....
It says inside that the Honey red orange mask is a scrub. And to thoroughly mix the two layers, with the enclosed spoon, before using.

Then I check for the enclosed spoon.
There is no enclosed spoon. I discovered later, that because I went to Skinfood and bought the mask during the promotional period I was supposed to be given a spoon....
The lack of a spoon doesn't really bother me.
At least that is, until I try to mix the two layers with a regular kitchen spoon, on to make a epic mess.
As you can see from the picture, the jar rounds out towards the bottom, and wedging my large kitchen spoon down there, in attempt to actually mix the layers, results in product slopping over the sides, onto the jar, the counter, the spoon and my hands.

So a few days later I go back to Skinfood, and pick up anonther mask. I really was looking for a Mask/Pack not a scrub. So I pick up the Acai berry. This time their are testers, so I open the jar and check, and I read the tag. It's says moisturizing mask.

So I take it home. This time I recieved a spoon. Which for the Acai berry I don't need, since it doesn't need to be mixed, but solves my problem with the honey scrub.
That night, I first use the honey scrub, then follow with teh Acai berry mask.....
Only to discover, it too is a scrub....
The scrub particles are tiny, and few. So upon testing it seemed just like a moisturizing mask, but when applied, there are enough scrubbing particles to be a scrub.
So I went back to Skinfood yesterday, and tested every single one of the six new masks. Here are my results

Acai Berry  - Scrub
Honey Red Orange - Scrub
Chocolate - An actual mask!!!!!!!!!!
Ginesing  - Scrub
Olive - Scrub
Acorn jelly - Also a mask!!!!!

Only two out of the six are masks. This is bizzare. Since they all say masks. And they are all in the skin care section. The cleansers and scrubs are generally in the cleansing section....
The Acorn Jelly really is a jelly. Very curious, I will probably pick it up at some point.
Also the chocolate mask is like a pot full of chocolate pudding, it smells like real chocolate.  Very interesting.

So the reviews.

Honey Red Orange Mask

This mask is MESSY! Not only is it super sticky, you have to stir the whole mixture before it can be used. With the freebie spoon that Skinfood included during the promotional period, this is not a problem. without the spoon.... good luck.
It has to be stirred because it's actually a salt scrub, with large granules of salt settled in the bottom.

Generally I don't like salt scrubs. I find they tend to be drying, not to mention to rough for the face.
But with the super thick honey mixture, the effects of the salt seemed to be cancelled out.
I apply about two spoonfulls to my face, then scrub.
But as I said, this Mask is messy, and best done before a shower, in the bathroom, while naked.
Seriously. I made the mistake of being clothed the first time I tried it.
Not only did I splatter my clothes with little droplets of honey and salt (And I swear I am not a messy person!), I also smeared honey into my hair.
One really shouldn't attempt this scrub without planning on showering afterwards.
The scrub is quite good, very cleansing, and the honey is great. It's really moisturizing. After it was all washed off, which was a bit difficult, because the honey really didn't want to leave...
I found my face moist and soft.
And the next day, it was extra soft, and a little extra glowy. This mask really did make my skin look brighter and healthier.
Though the Honey red orange mask was not what I was expecting, I really really like. It's actually a really nice scrub.

Acai Berry Mask
In the store this looked like a good gel mask. The little exfoliating particles are so small that I didn't even see them.
The seem to be the same as the particles in St. Ives Apricot scrub. They are really rough, but they are also very loosely divided. So it's like scratching my face with random pieces of sand....
As a scrub, I don't like it.
In my opinion less exfoliating particles don't make for a gentler scrub, rounder, smaller particles do. less just means more scratching, less exfoliating.
Like the Honey red orange mask, it contains rough salt granules, but they are densely packed in a thick medium, so the scrub doesn't feel nearly as rough.

I've had both masks for nearly a month now. I've been ready to post my review of the Red orange honey mask for ages, but I wanted to post both reviews together.
But the Acai mask.... I don't know.
I've been using and using it, trying to find something to say about it to review.
But.... nothing....
It does NOTHING! It is not a wash, it will not clean my face, I tried.
The rough bits are not dense enough to be a scrub. So it is definitely not suitable to be a scrub.
It is not at all moisturizing. I've used it as a wash of mask numerous times.
It does nothing, nothing at all.
So while the Honey mask (ie scrub) is worth purchasing, the Acai mask is quite frankly a waste of money.