Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skinfood- Black sesame hot mask

Black sesame hot mask
-This mask opens up the pores with a warm heat of salt and sugar powder and eliminates wast material in a rough skin affected by accumulated keratin. It provides an amazing silkiness to skin with nourishing black sesame extract.

Smells - very lightly of seasame, barely noticable, at least until I washed it off, then it was strongly sesame. A nice smell though. Not articifical at all. 

Texture- not that scratchy, but a bit rough, not rough enough to be a scrub.
It has big chunks of black sesame, which also aren't scratchy.
Until washing it off, then it felt very scrub like, and could be used as a scrub. Interesting how the wash of texture was different than the apllication texture!

Effectiveness- gets quite hot whe applied to a damp face. My face got quite hot, and very red, as the mask brought up lots of blood. But in a hot mask, this is a good thing. It actually made me sweat!
It was almost to the point of uncomfortable, which in my opinion is a good thing. Hot but not too hot.
Left my face very very smooth, softer, and very warm!

Buy? Yes. I am definitely going to get the large version of this. I generally find heat up masks are gimicky, rather than effective. But this one is not like that,  after one use this mask made my skin extra smooth. 


  1. I've been hearing rave reviews on the black sesame hot mask. I just don't really get how it heats up on your face. Do you heat it before using? :S

  2. everybody seems to love this mask, but for my uber sensitive skin, it hates it. My face got splotchy after washing it off. Not good for sensitive skin.