Sunday, May 23, 2010

Skinfood Hop Beer shampoo and conditioner, Wormwood body wash

Skinfood Summer Travel Set
I got the Skinfood Summer Travel Set as a gift with purchase when I spent 30000won($30) just before Christmas. Why exactly they released the Summer set in the Winter... I don't know.  With 30ml in each sample, it's a really nice free gift! The Aloe Vera Cleanser I reviewed separately, here.

Hop Beer Hair Wash

I've gotten a number of samples of this shampoo. My hair tends to be finnicky, and the idea of a Beer shampoo really doesn't appeal to me. It seems like the sort of thing that should be in the Men's section of skinfood. But it's not. 
Smells -  Wow does this stuff smell. It's intense. Possibly the most potent product I've ever come across. The weird thing is, it doesn't smell like beer. A little like hops, but very musky, very much like a man's cologne. I really think this should be a Men's product!
Texture- It's a clear brownish orange shampoo. Looks like a orange stout beer.  It doesn't foam very much!
Effectiveness- Except for the smell, the shampoo is quiet nice. It's gentle, but cleansing. It doesn't leave residue, but it also doesn't strip my hair. It's nicely inbetween.
Buy?- Maybe, but only as a gift, for a guy. The shampoo is actually nice. It cleansing ability is something I could comfortably use everyday, it doesn't strip or way down my hair at all. But the smell. It's just so manly. I washed my hair one night before bed, and after work the next day(almost 24hours later, I could still smell my hair at random moments. Ugh. But for a guy, it would make a nice present.

Beer Hair Conditioner
Smells -  Much nicer than the Hair wash(shampoo), It's the same scent, but a lot gentler. Not as over powering.
Texture-  Nice and creamy, it's a light orange brown.  
Effectiveness-It's lightly moisturizing. Nice, not too much. In fact if it weren't for the smell, I would probably by the set. It's a good everyday conditioner, moisturizing without weighing my hair down. It's a really well balanced conditioner.
Buy?- Like the beer shampoo, I would only buy this as a gift for a guy. But with that said, it would be great for a guy, it's well balanced, without being girly.

Wormwood Body Wash
Smells - Green! Like a twig from a tree that you just snapped, kind of like freshly cut grass. It's not a bad scent, a bit manly, but interesting. It's not nearly as smell as the Shampoo, but OMG this stuff is potent! So so so smelly. Even after the container having been opened for months.... It still smell intensely. After using it my whole bathroom smells for the rest of the day!
Texture- The Body wash is a green gel wash, that doesn't foam much on it's own. When used with a body puff it foams a lot more.
Effectiveness- Cleans well, even without using a puff to make it foamy, the cleanser leaves me feeling clean and fresh, and very scented. It's not drying but it's not moisturizing. Pretty basic overall
Buy?- No. It's smells intensely manly, and the cleanser is pretty basic. It's definitely not worth purchasing, for any reason.


  1. Thats such a nice gift to come with purchase. I love how in asia, they're so generous with extras. Btw, what is wormwood :S

  2. Wormwood is the family name for plants like absinthe... As for beauty, all I can find is its used for scent, and reduces inflammation and is good for wounds.
    Why skinfood put it in a body wash... I haven't a clue!

  3. who doesn't love freebies.. i've tried beer shampoo but of other brand, it's good!
    btw i joined your contest, commented it on your previous post..thanks..

  4. beer shampoo doesn't sound appealing to me too. i have seen the wormwood body wash somewhere,good thing i did not buy it (i was very tempted to try it). thanks for the review ^ ^

  5. Beer hair conditioner seems to be different. But the gift they presented with $30 is really nice free gift.

  6. Can I do the treatment every month?

  7. I like skinfood , Korea cosmetic