Sunday, May 9, 2010

Holika holika - A new Korean brand!!!!!!!

Holika Holika
Korea has come out with a brand new brand *snickers*.
I came across when in Seoul a couple of weeks ago, tucked away in meyong-dong, across from Forever 21.
Holika Holika

The building definitely makes an impact, all pink with a giant clock and witch riding a broom.
And the shop ladies are all wearing cute purple witch costumes!!!!!!!! I didn''t take a picture of the shop ladies though.... I thought that would be a little creepy!
It's seriouly exciting!
The store itself is really pretty, lots of magical themed displays, gold, purple, swirls, black cats. oooo

The poster is of Matsushima Emi. But Holika's main endorsement is CNblue.
I got this folder, with a CNblue member on it, with some of the stuff I but at Holika!
Holika Holika only came out in March, I was there only a couple of weeks after opening (sadly I don't live near Seoul, other wise I would have found out sooner.
The brand is by the same makers of Enprani, but much much cheaper.
The whole theme of Holika Holika is witches and magic, which I think is too cute.
I immediately bought a ton of stuff!

Apple shine-peeling sheet mask, Cream shadow, peach BB cream
Garden recipe body scrub,  Pore cover mousse
My favorite item is this plumping cream. It's bizarre, and comes in a cute bottle!
My other favorite, a gel toner! Its super nice :) 

But I do have bad news for all my readers, the brand is so new, that none of the items are avaliable on G-market yet....
So you will all have to wait...
It probably won't be long though, because a second store already opened up in Myeong-dong, in Seoul. 2 stores in 2 months, that's quick :D


  1. Wow, the store looks awesome! The packaging looks cute too. I think I need to go to Korea ;)

  2. Oh my goodness that is the most wonderful shop front ever! The 'plumping heart lifting cream' is so cute and bizarre.

  3. It looks so cute! :D
    Why don't they have stores that are decorated like that in the U.S. lol

  4. Omg I really want to try some of the products!! They are sooo cute!

  5. That shop looks so cute and trendy. I wonder if I can spot this brand on Do you know the Korean name for this brand (or do they have this only in english).

  6. This store looks adorable..

  7. Sorry Birkinbagbeauty - Holika is Not on G-market yet! I will update as soon as it is :)

    -It is soo cute, and there is even cuter stuff! I will be buying more!

  8. Aww I'm starting to like the Holika Holika brand. Maybe the fact that I'm a big fan of CNBLUE helps haha.

    New reader btw, following you! ^^

    ★ Cookiie

  9. omg everything looks adorable! I love their concept.

  10. OMG...I seriously want the folder....hehe

  11. I took pics of one of the cute workers there cause she was very friendly and didnt mind!
    I bought two things, and they gave me so much stuff! "Service"
    The "Wonder Drawing Dot Eyeliner" is amazing! And the "Juicy Hawaii Bananaade Cleansing Foam" is lovely too! <3

  12. I soooo want to go there~!~ Ah cute pics!! and the products look like they are good quality, the packaging is amazing.. wish I could visit Korea one day to go on a shopping spree! hehe!

  13. Holika Holika is one of my fave korean brands!! :)

  14. Oh wow, this store looks amazing! I'm going to have to drop by next time I'm in Meyong Dong for a Forever 21 haul- thanks for the heads up! xx

  15. Theres one in downtown Uijongbu

  16. Where is Uijongbu? Is it near Myeong Dong?

  17. Holika Holika is coming to Singapore at Wisma Atria End March 2011!!

  18. Hi can you do a review on the Holika Holika Peach Girl bb cream?