Sunday, May 30, 2010

Skinfood Tea Tree and Lavender Toner for Men

Skinfood Tea Tree and Lavender Toner for Men
Price:$9.90 (9900won)
Size: 140ml
My boyfriend is not in the least metro sexual. I’d say he’s more of a flannel sexual (reference to According to Jim, awesome show!). Basically he has no interest in Skin care.
He keeps himself clean, and that the extent of it.
He’s happy with a bar of soap.
But since we’ve been in Korea, and I’ve been droning on and on about skin care stuff and Makeup (what a trooper he is for putting up with it) and dragging him to this store and that, I’ve somewhat piqued his interest.
So we picked him up some basic skin care products. Most of them from Skinfood, since I’ve been having such good results.
He has oily, acne prone skin. I have dry skin, with no issues with blemishes.
The Tea Tree Oil Toner, comes in a beautiful green glass bottle with a metallic top.
It’s some of the prettiest packaging available at Skinfood. It’s kind of odd that’s its for one of their Men’s care lines… But maybe I’m wrong to assume guys don’t care about pretty things….
Inside is a traditional liquid toner. Different from the more common Korean gel toners (My personal preference.) It is a bit astringent, and does contain alcohol.
I have used it myself, and it’s not nearly as astringent or Harsh as my toner’s I’ve used in North America. It’s the harsiest toner I’ve ever used here in Korea, but would be one of the mildest compared with back home.
And it does leaver my face soft, and not dried out. My Boyfriend who has been using it semi regularly for the past weeks has not noticed dry skin.
But his skin has been more consistently clear.
The toner does smell of lavender and tea tree. The scent is herby, not floral. It’s not distinctly masculine. And personally I don’t feel like I’m using a “men’s” product when I use it.

Overall, I really recommend this toner if you have problem skin and want a more gentle toner.


  1. I didn't know they were selling products for men !

  2. Love this bottle,i have no idea when i saw it in the website.Thanks for the review.Visit my blog if you have time.Have a nice day.

  3. I noticed that Skinfood has many homme items too!
    I came about it when one of my customer bought it! If anyone is interested in the product, please visit my website: