Monday, October 31, 2011

The Best month of the year!!

It my absolute favorite time of year, no it's not thanksgiving, It's National Novel Writing month!!!
I've been participating for 5 years. Sadly, last year was the first year I failed to finish :(
This year I plan on making up for it!
Who cares that I have 3 presentation, 4 assignments, 2 midterms and a 25 and 12 page paper, all sue this month????

So please join me, write your own awesome novel!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BB cream swatches!!

BB cream swatches!!
Since I accumulated a number of BB cream samples, I thought I would swatch them for you!!!
Super Magic BB by Hanskin
            Supposed to be whitening and wrinkle preventing
Etude House Precious Mineral - Sheer glowing skin (color 2)
Banilla co - Let me BeBe
           SPF37, and supposed to be illuminating'
Hanskin Control Skin BB
            For less than perfect skin
It's Skin - i code W
              SPF17 PA++, and wrinkle control          
Hanskin Nutritive
As you can see, not a single good color for me in the bunch!!! They are all on the darker side for BB creams
Banilla co's was the lightest, and very yellow.
It's skin and Hanskin's Nutritive we the most neutral toned.
Etude's looked super orange when blended in! Yikes!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Blog look!

Hi Fellow bloggers!  I was tired of my old blog look, so I changed it!
I think It's Much better!
The background picture was taken in Cambodia, of the Lake, Sras Srei.
I took the picture at 5:30-6 in the morning!!

I also added a home button on the left, under followers, since my page doesn't have a header... Hopefully it will make navigating a little easier!!

Well let me know what you think, if anything is working, or hard to read!!

Thanks guys :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holika Holika Polish in - Orange!

Holika Holika Polish in - Orange!
Price : 2000won
For Halloween, I though I would review a couple of colors of orange nail polish. I bought this color, cause I liked it, not for the Holiday, but hey, it works for Halloween!

This is one of the Many Holika polishes in my collection, because Holika makes GORGEOUS Nail Polish.
This bright, almost pumpkin orange is no exception.
The texture is perfect, it's creamy, with 2 coat coverage, but smooths itself out, eliminating streaks.
 The finish easily looks impeccable.
I really love the creamy polished by Holika, they are such great quality!

The color, I love. Its so truly, unapologetically orange. 
The color also makes my hands look good.  It's not too yellow (makes my skin look dull), or too red (makes my skin look pink). It's just right.
So in the end, Iove it!!
Does anybody else think my skin looks blue???? I swear the nail polish is true to life!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Worst Etude house item EVER!!!

Do you see the adorable little penguin? He's(or she's?) so adorable!
I was on my way out of Korea (*sob*), and in the Incheon Airport (Seoul), shopping at the little Etude/Missha shop.
Where they upped the prices soooo much it was ridiculous!
But the little Lip gloss pot was so cute! It says hug me (which is odd...)
 Plus it's an apple scent, I LOVE the smell of apple!!!! So I kinda overpaid for it.
Inside, is this really hard lip cream. It's hard like pots of cocoa butter.... Which is not a bad thing, since it melts at body temp, and moisturizes really well.
It's really smooth. 
The penguin is colorless, and with just the barest sheen.  
It's the perfect texture to toss in a bag, for those days when I am chapped, or just dry, or planning on doing some kissing.....
Doesn't it sound wonderful???

I vaguely remember it being wonderful, but, I haven't been able to use it more than 3 times, because the cover sticks.
The little pot is made out of metal, and the top gets wedged on the bottom so firmly, I, even with a screw driver and pliers, can not get it open.
My Dad and Boyfriend, cannot get it open.
The stupid thing WILL NOT OPEN!!!!
I managed to get it open once after it got stuck, It just mysterious opened one day.....

But I couldn't leave it open, I had to put the top back on.
That was back in July.

I really wish I could open it.....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Foot pad healers from Sasa

Footpad Healers
Price : ranging from 1000won to $1.60
Hello, strange. Have you noticed I have an obession with weird beauty things? The foot pad healers are one of my more recent forays into the odd.
I picked up a few,  Kokubo- Aloma in Rose,a Germanium and heating one from Sasa,  and from Daiso, a "Natural Diet" one!

I was Backpacking in Cambodia, so I thought My feet would be sore. So I thought they would be worth a try.
Inside each packet are two little sachets. Inside is a powder/granules. One side being sticky. You peel off the cover, and stick a square on the bottom of each foot.
Then your feet begin to sweat, it's oddly uncomfortable. My feet weren't warm, but I had a strong urge to wash.
After ~10 minutes, the pads have dark spots, where the sweat has soaked into the pads. And then you take them off.
Except for the sweat, they didn't do anything.... I know that they are supposed to make your feet sweat, that's the point, but It's not like they made my feet feel more relaxed, or fresher, or helped with swelling.
They were sweaty then nothing...
It was odd.
The heating one was the best, since it did heat up, which could be nice.
Other wise, I can safely recommend a pass!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sasa free shipping over $29 today and tomorrow! Hurry!!

Hey fellow Beauty Addicts! shipping is free for purchase over $29 the 5 to 7th!

Since shipping is usually only free for purchases $75 or more this is awesome, at least for me since I just got birthday money!!