Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holika Holika Polish in - Orange!

Holika Holika Polish in - Orange!
Price : 2000won
For Halloween, I though I would review a couple of colors of orange nail polish. I bought this color, cause I liked it, not for the Holiday, but hey, it works for Halloween!

This is one of the Many Holika polishes in my collection, because Holika makes GORGEOUS Nail Polish.
This bright, almost pumpkin orange is no exception.
The texture is perfect, it's creamy, with 2 coat coverage, but smooths itself out, eliminating streaks.
 The finish easily looks impeccable.
I really love the creamy polished by Holika, they are such great quality!

The color, I love. Its so truly, unapologetically orange. 
The color also makes my hands look good.  It's not too yellow (makes my skin look dull), or too red (makes my skin look pink). It's just right.
So in the end, Iove it!!
Does anybody else think my skin looks blue???? I swear the nail polish is true to life!!


  1. ooh! I've got this too!! Bought it from Lotte World when it was on offer! LOL love the colour!

  2. Ah I love it!
    ..though orange is my favourite colour so I'm a tad biased. ^^;;

  3. wowowo so pretty with just 2 coats!!

  4. Yup your fingers do look a tad blue, but it doesn't matter right? --> as long as the polish looks true to life as you mentioned =]

    Is the formula for HH's polishes the best amongst all of the cheapie Korean beauty brands?

  5. yumeko - Gotta love only 2 coats :)

    Blair - I have tried every cheapie korean brand, and HH's are consistently awesome (sometimes faceshops are better, but sometimes faceshops are terrible!) HH's are so good, I will probably buy every color!

  6. Loving your blog- we gotta do a swap sometime!

  7. this colour is amazing! xoxo