Sunday, October 16, 2011

Worst Etude house item EVER!!!

Do you see the adorable little penguin? He's(or she's?) so adorable!
I was on my way out of Korea (*sob*), and in the Incheon Airport (Seoul), shopping at the little Etude/Missha shop.
Where they upped the prices soooo much it was ridiculous!
But the little Lip gloss pot was so cute! It says hug me (which is odd...)
 Plus it's an apple scent, I LOVE the smell of apple!!!! So I kinda overpaid for it.
Inside, is this really hard lip cream. It's hard like pots of cocoa butter.... Which is not a bad thing, since it melts at body temp, and moisturizes really well.
It's really smooth. 
The penguin is colorless, and with just the barest sheen.  
It's the perfect texture to toss in a bag, for those days when I am chapped, or just dry, or planning on doing some kissing.....
Doesn't it sound wonderful???

I vaguely remember it being wonderful, but, I haven't been able to use it more than 3 times, because the cover sticks.
The little pot is made out of metal, and the top gets wedged on the bottom so firmly, I, even with a screw driver and pliers, can not get it open.
My Dad and Boyfriend, cannot get it open.
The stupid thing WILL NOT OPEN!!!!
I managed to get it open once after it got stuck, It just mysterious opened one day.....

But I couldn't leave it open, I had to put the top back on.
That was back in July.

I really wish I could open it.....


  1. The lip cream sounds good but if I could open it again, I'd change the pots. Have you tried putting the pot on a toaster or heated surface to soften to metal. That usually helps open things up :)

  2. OMG I just ordered this...I think I'm regretting this already D:
    The product itself sounds nice though...

  3. -Ashley - That's a good idea. I will try it! *cross fingers*

    -Tiffany-Kim - Just never put the cover back on! Which one did you get? I really wanted the peach one too....

  4. I had my family in Vietnam go to the local branch and pick me up a buuunch of stuff and send it back to the States ahha, I asked for the grapefruit one, but I spent a long time debating between the grapefruit and peach! When you get it back open, you could always depot it..

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  6. Omg! Such a cute product ! Try putting it in lukewarm water to melt the cream in it, maybe u can open it :)

  7. a little baby oil will do ^^ and thanks for your comment, it's a good idea to get snail cream bcuz most snail cream excluding coloring agent and fragrance, which is -of course- skin friendly :D

  8. Charmaine - Tried it... It doesn't have anywhere I can grip, so it just ended up warm and wet and slippery. Tee hee.....

    Lina Kim - then it will be warm and wet and oily :O

  9. Oh my, what a cutie pot :) I love anything with apple scents.

  10. I also have this kind of product, but the peach one. This product's container sure is suck. all you have to do is hold your lip balm container (bottom part) using your left hand, then using your right thumb's nail (Use your left thumb instead if you're left handed) plug it to the dividing part of the container to make a gap (Don't unplug your thumb's nail) . then, slide your nail to make the gap's line wider. Then you will see the whole dividing part's separate. then, gently plug your nail to the space and lift the cover up.
    FYI, if you can't open the container even there's a space in the dividing part, that means the space is not wide enough, keep on sliding your nail until you can lift it.
    Hope this would help, good luck :)

  11. you could open it for sure :) I also have this kind of product

  12. Wow, you are so unlucky. I've had this for about almost half a year and i never had any problem opening the pot. I would suggest if you managed to open the cover again, try to clean the inners sides of the cover as well as the sides of the pot (the part where the cover closes) Btw, I twist the cap rather than pulling it, which I think either way works well for me but twisting made it a lot easier for me. I hope you'll be able to solve your "sticky" problem. I love this lip balm a bunch actually. :)