Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Since I've been insanely busy at work, I haven't been posting much. But this weekend, I went to a PC club (here in Korea they are cheap and have super fast computers) and did 4 hours of photo editing!!!!! I've taken a million pictures for my blog, and with work I just didn't have time to tag and organize, and such.
But then.... Ugh, I'm an idiot.
I left my Flash drive there. My lovely flash drive with ALL my pictures!!!!!!
I seriously spent 4 hours getting everything ready to go.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

VOV Daily fresh mask - AHA

VOV Daily fresh mask - AHA
Price: 1000won/ $1

I adore masks/ peels with AHA's, so I always snap up any item with it on the label.... (sigh, i get sucked in by marketing  far too often....).
The VOV masks, both wash off and sheet are consistently good.
The AHA wash off mask is no exception.
Some of the wash off masks contain enough product for multiple uses.
This masks, i feel you can 2 good uses out of it, if you cover your face well enough to have an effect.
2 masks for $1, thats a great deal.
The mask is pretty simple, apply, wait, then wash off.
Sadly it didn't do anything amazing. My skin was a bit softer..., the next day it was still a bit softer....
Of course with AHA, and chemical exfoliants in small weak amounts you really need to use them consistently for a while to see real results.
This mask is worth picking up to try, and I am definitely going to get a couple more, see if using it for a span of few days will do better,  but after two uses, It's not a must have....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skin food Moisture Egg Hair Pack

Skin food Moisture Egg Hair Pack
Price: 6000won ($6)
Since I have dry hair naturally, and on top of them I dye it pretty often, I am constantly on the look out for things to make my hair healthier.
I picked up this Skinfood Hiar mask in a bit of a shopping spree. Long long ago I used actual eggs in a hiar mask. But honestly thats too messy and time consuming (considering I never have eggs around).
I didn't have high expectations for the Skinfood version.
It comes in a boring tan colored skin tube, with a picture of an egg on the front.

Inside is this peculiar yellow cream. It's thick, and a bit sticky. Streaked within the treatment are lumps of something. They seem like the little umbilical cord like white thing you sometimes find in eggs.....
This is bizzare and a bit gross to me.

The first time I used it, I used it like any hair mask. I applied all over my damp, clean hair, and left it on for about ten minutes. then washed it out.
It did condition my hair, but it was really nothing special at all.

However for the past month I have been quietly trying to use up a lot of lack luster beauty products I have lying around.
So instead of using the Skinfood Egg mask like I would a mask, I used it instead of my regular conditioner.
And to my complete surprise, my hair started looking healthier, shiner, and generally feeling softer.
It's amazing.
People actually commented on how healthy my hair looked at work.
So, I've discovered that this is a wonderful hair treatment. I love it, and I'm going to buy more when I run out.!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nature Republic -Sweet Body wash in Black and Blue Berry

Nature Republic -Sweet Body wash in Black and Blue Berry
Price 5300 won (5.30)

Since a Nature republic just opened up down the street from work (replacing my favorite etude house *sob*), I've been picking up a number of items recently.
However, after trying the items I've bought.... I've discovered.... Ugh.

This body was comes in a grey plastic bottle. The round tab on top is characteristic of Nature republic.  I quite like the bottle, it's simple, but effect, and apparently recyclable (yay!).
I adore the scent of blueberries, hence why I picked up this body wash.
But the scent, which is lightly fruity, almost blueberry when you take  quick whiff, turns rancid grape in the shower.
It's almost to the point of overwhelming.

The body wash itself is grey like the bottle. Which I find odd. Isn't everything usually colored to a shade to be appealing? Grey skin care?
The actually body was is super basic. It's basically like any cheap body wash.
Sure it cleans... but it does nothing for my skin, it smells bad, ugh.

All in all, after making a serious try at using this stuff up, I gave it away when it was still way more than half full.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hi all!
Sorry about the lull lately! March is the beginning of the new school year here in Korea, so I've been insanely busy at work!
I am now teaching a whole bunch of classes, of 3year olds!!!!!!!!!!! They don't speak any English, and there 10 to 12 kids per class!
I've been to exhausted to do anything after work!

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's skin - Blackhead clear oil Gel

It's skin - Blackhead clear oil Gel
Price: 6500won/ $6.50
Black heads SUCK.
It's simple. No one wants them, and they are just about impossible to get rid of.
Mine aren't that bad, my nose isn't the prettiest, but with a quick layer of BB cream, and it looks just fine.
Still, I want my nose to be smooth and perfect.

It's Skin's Blackhead clear oil gel, is the best thing I've used to date!
It's a small pot of thick yellow gel. It's not the prettiest packaging, or the most nicest looking product....
But ah well.
You scoop out a finger-full of the yellow paste (or better yet, a spatula full,of course one isn't included :( )

Then you apply it to the area with blackheads.
What you  do next.... I'm not sure. There are no directions. At least not in English.

I've tried it two ways, rubbing it in with little circular motions, or just applying it. Then you let it sit. For 15, even 20 minutes.
After a while, white stuff begins to seep up from my pores.
It's basically sweat, carrying along with it dirt, and bacteria.
You then wash the gel off, and all the grossness goes away.

After a couple days use, my blackheads are visibly smaller and lighter :D.

Even after using this stuff for quite a while, my blackheads aren't All gone.... But there is the biggest improvement I've ever seen (better than pore strips!)
Honestly, this stuff is cheap, easy, and gentle.
I completely recommened it to everyone!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I love the Skinfood -Papaya yogurt wash off mask

Skinfood -Papaya yogurt wash off mask
Price: 4500won ($4.50)

Oh Skinfood, so boring looking and yet so yummy!
The Papaya yogurt wash off mask is one of many skinfood wash off masks.  Like Banana, Cucumber and Kiwi.

Here in Korea, sheet masks are plentiful and diverse. But more and more I'm finding that no matter what the packaging says, they are all basically the same inside. And I never get the sort of results that I do with a good wash off mask.
Of course, since sheet masks are cute and convenient, there is no way I'm giving them up, but I still like to keep some wash off masks in my repertoire.

So this mask is super cheap. Considering it's only $4.50 and I've used it at least 10 times, and I'm about 1/2 way through.... That makes it what? about 25cents a use? Compared with VOV daily fresh masks which are about $2 each (for the sheet masks...)
Thats crazy!

However, It's totally not about the money. If the product is shit, I don't care how much it cost, or how little.
The Papaya yogurt mask is not shit though. It's AMAZING!

So in the white jar is a pale green cream with lots of dark green dots. I presume they are supposed to burst or dissolve for extra conditioning power. They don't. Ever.

You apply the mask all over the face, and then leave it on for 15minutes, then return to the bathroom and wash it off.
I hate wash off masks. I hate tramping back and forth to the bathroom, and I loathe anything with the possibility of drippage!

But when you wash of this mask... ooooo. My skin is smooth and super well moisturized! I's so gorgeous and amazing! It still feels fresh and young even the next day!!!!!!

Plus, I've discovered that if I put the mask on my face during my shower, then shampoo and condition my hair, my face is baby soft by the end of my shower! So now I always use the mask when I'm showering! It is wonderful!!!!!!!!!