Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nature Republic -Sweet Body wash in Black and Blue Berry

Nature Republic -Sweet Body wash in Black and Blue Berry
Price 5300 won (5.30)

Since a Nature republic just opened up down the street from work (replacing my favorite etude house *sob*), I've been picking up a number of items recently.
However, after trying the items I've bought.... I've discovered.... Ugh.

This body was comes in a grey plastic bottle. The round tab on top is characteristic of Nature republic.  I quite like the bottle, it's simple, but effect, and apparently recyclable (yay!).
I adore the scent of blueberries, hence why I picked up this body wash.
But the scent, which is lightly fruity, almost blueberry when you take  quick whiff, turns rancid grape in the shower.
It's almost to the point of overwhelming.

The body wash itself is grey like the bottle. Which I find odd. Isn't everything usually colored to a shade to be appealing? Grey skin care?
The actually body was is super basic. It's basically like any cheap body wash.
Sure it cleans... but it does nothing for my skin, it smells bad, ugh.

All in all, after making a serious try at using this stuff up, I gave it away when it was still way more than half full.


  1. too bad it this body wash didn't work out for u! the packaging looks pretty cute, but the smell of rancid grapes would deter me too lol =)

  2. I tried the lotion in this scent & uggghhh I hated the smell too.