Sunday, March 28, 2010

VOV Daily fresh mask - AHA

VOV Daily fresh mask - AHA
Price: 1000won/ $1

I adore masks/ peels with AHA's, so I always snap up any item with it on the label.... (sigh, i get sucked in by marketing  far too often....).
The VOV masks, both wash off and sheet are consistently good.
The AHA wash off mask is no exception.
Some of the wash off masks contain enough product for multiple uses.
This masks, i feel you can 2 good uses out of it, if you cover your face well enough to have an effect.
2 masks for $1, thats a great deal.
The mask is pretty simple, apply, wait, then wash off.
Sadly it didn't do anything amazing. My skin was a bit softer..., the next day it was still a bit softer....
Of course with AHA, and chemical exfoliants in small weak amounts you really need to use them consistently for a while to see real results.
This mask is worth picking up to try, and I am definitely going to get a couple more, see if using it for a span of few days will do better,  but after two uses, It's not a must have....

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