Monday, August 29, 2011

Shisedo Tsubaki Shining Treatment

Shisedo Tsubaki Shining Treatment

Price: 5000 won I think....
Ages ago I wrote a post about how much I adore the Shisedo Tsubaki line of hair care. It works so well for my dry dyed hair.
Of course I had to buy the condition treatment too!

It comes in a squeeze bottle, but the look coordinates with the rest of the series.
It's slightly thicker than the conditioner, but works the same.

It is no more conditioning than the conditioner, even when used as a hair mask. In fact, when I ran out of conditioner, I started using this instead, and there was no difference!!! My hair was not greasier, not more conditioned, no noticeable difference at all!

I wouldn't say it was a disappointing, but it is completely unnecessary if you already own the shampoo and conditioner!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Etude House Orjel Light Lipstick - Take 2!!!

Etude House Orjel Light Lipstick - Take 2!!!
Price: 8000won
Color: 2
Ages ago, when I first moved to Korea I bought the Etude House Orjel light lipstick color 4, and I didn't like it! But a lot of readers commented how they had liked it, and I had read on other blogs how much they liked it....

I hated color 4, it was sooo drying, it made my lips flake, and ewww, that is Not attractive!!!
I was in the airport in Korea, on my way back from Thailand, and I bought a bunch of lipsticks from Etude House and Missha  (they were merged together into this weird round store....

By accident I picked up a second Orjel light. I was trying to get a soft pink from one of the other lines, but I got the soft orjel pink....

Luckily for me, it was the color I wanted, not soem really ugly unusable shade!

So I started using it.

I LOVE it.

I was wrong.  I still hate color 4 but color 2 is different. (I even pulled out the peach color, and tried it again, it dried my lips out again!)
It isn't drying. It doesn't last long, but It isn't at all drying, it is soft, and the color is gorgeous.
It's sparkly, but only a bit. It's sheer, with enough tint to alter the shade of my lips.
It looks gorgeous, natural but better!

it has become my go to everyday lipstick. It's so sheer, it is almost a gloss, with a soft satin finish.

SO If you are looking to buy from the Orjel Light line at Etude house, be warned, it seems to be quite inconsistent.....

Ah well.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Etude House – Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Cream in Steam Milk

Etude House – Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Cream  in Steam Milk
Price: 5000 won (Less than $5)
Size: 50ml

5% Shea Butter
Than Hand Bouquet cream comes in 2 types. Steam milk or Collagen. I LOVE the collagen cream. So I bought the steam milk.
I don’t like it nearly as much.
It’s a thick off white cream, with such a mild smell it is barely noticeable.
The cream itself absorbs well, but not completely.
It’s really thick, but not as thick as the Collagen version.
All in all I do like it. I keep this one in one purse, and the Collagen version in another.
The tube packaging is really handy. I have a number of pots of hand cream(or jars if you will), which makes application a pain, because your fingertips always get greasy, and I end up with moisturizer under my finger nails.
The tube is great, because it lets me dispense it on the back of my hand, or my palm, or wherever, without involving my fingertips!
It’s kind of weird thing to like, but it’s handy when you don’t want to sit around and wait for your moisturizer to absorb.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holika Holika UV Magic Shield

Holika Holika UV Magic Shield - Body Spray Sun
SPF 50+ PA+++
Price : 10,000 won ($9.75)

I can't believe I haven't posted about this before!!!! This is an AWESOME can of Sunscreen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am always looking for an alternative to my Anessa sunscreen, since it is so expense(worth it, but at $40-50, it's a lot!)
So I picked up the UV magic shield, thinking it might be ok. It has a high SPF which is my preference.
What it is is the perfect Aerosol can of sunscreen. It applies in light layers. It is easy to apply, and it's easy to apply more or less.  It's white going on, but absorbs super quickly, and doesn't leave a white cast!!!
Best of all is how it feels, It feels like nothing. It's NOT greasy, It's NOT thick, It DOESN'T smell funny!!!!!

So you can see how it applies white.  But that was a super heavy coat! Then it fades to invisible. 

It looks similar- But its NOT!
When I got back to Canada I tried to find a substitute for the Holika Magic Shield. I found the Presidents Choice SPF50 Aerosol. It was More expensive than the Holika(before shipping) an $9.

The president's choice sunscreen is the worst stuff EVER! It sprays out so much that after one quick spray It's running down my arms(ewww). Then  it dries in this gross way, like dried out slime, it get's crusty, and sticky, and feel greasy, all at once! Plus it attracts dirt, so my arms look like they have streaks of dirt.....

Can you see the drips? This is as lightly as I can apply! SO GROSS!!!

In comparison the Holika Magic Shield, applies evenly, lightly, making application super easy. It absorbs into the skin, and feels like I'm not wearing any sunscreen!!!

I LOVE the Holika Holika UV Magic Shield  Body Spray Sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Creer Beaute Salt Scrub in Blue?

Creer Beaute Salt Scrub in Blue?
Last time I was ordering things from Sasa, I tossed in a couple of random cheap items. The salt scrub by Creer Beaute was one of them!
It comes in a small packet, filled with a light blue salt scrub.  It’s only about 40g. Really it’s a tiny packet, considering it is a full size product! I could buy a whole bottle of St Ives apricot scrub (150ml!!!) for less!
But that really isn’t that point is it? No one orders stuff from Sasa, or anything from Asia, because of the cost comparison. I could get lots of stuff here cheaper, but the stuff here is boring, or sucks.

So the scrub from Creer beaute…. I was disappointed when I first saw it, I mean it is tiny…. And the package isn’t re-sealable. Maybe it’s supposed to be a one shot sort of thing (probably).
Then it sat in my closet for ages! I guess I was saving it for something special…..

It wasn’t until my nose started peeling like crazy, I’ve started using retinol, and ugh, it makes my skin look gross, all peely and uneven. YUCK!
My St Ive’s wasn’t cutting it, nor was my yogurt scrub from Etude house.
I needed something heavy duty.
Something I wouldn’t normally use on my face.
So I pulled out the little packet from Creer Beauty.
OMG, my nose has NEVER been so smooth. This stuff is hardcore. My nose was so smooth it was shiny!
It was amazing.

The salt scrub has a floral perfume scent, which is pretty strong. It contains large salt granules, that are way too harsh for the face.
It is a really strong scrub, I saved my leftovers, which are perfect for feet, elbows and other problem areas.

In the end, The scrub was really worth the money. It’s a problem solver, not an everyday product, and it keeps just fine in a Ziploc bag!