Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holika Holika UV Magic Shield

Holika Holika UV Magic Shield - Body Spray Sun
SPF 50+ PA+++
Price : 10,000 won ($9.75)

I can't believe I haven't posted about this before!!!! This is an AWESOME can of Sunscreen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am always looking for an alternative to my Anessa sunscreen, since it is so expense(worth it, but at $40-50, it's a lot!)
So I picked up the UV magic shield, thinking it might be ok. It has a high SPF which is my preference.
What it is is the perfect Aerosol can of sunscreen. It applies in light layers. It is easy to apply, and it's easy to apply more or less.  It's white going on, but absorbs super quickly, and doesn't leave a white cast!!!
Best of all is how it feels, It feels like nothing. It's NOT greasy, It's NOT thick, It DOESN'T smell funny!!!!!

So you can see how it applies white.  But that was a super heavy coat! Then it fades to invisible. 

It looks similar- But its NOT!
When I got back to Canada I tried to find a substitute for the Holika Magic Shield. I found the Presidents Choice SPF50 Aerosol. It was More expensive than the Holika(before shipping) an $9.

The president's choice sunscreen is the worst stuff EVER! It sprays out so much that after one quick spray It's running down my arms(ewww). Then  it dries in this gross way, like dried out slime, it get's crusty, and sticky, and feel greasy, all at once! Plus it attracts dirt, so my arms look like they have streaks of dirt.....

Can you see the drips? This is as lightly as I can apply! SO GROSS!!!

In comparison the Holika Magic Shield, applies evenly, lightly, making application super easy. It absorbs into the skin, and feels like I'm not wearing any sunscreen!!!

I LOVE the Holika Holika UV Magic Shield  Body Spray Sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I use the banana boat SPF50 for kids, in England it's about $16, but it is PA+++ and easy to find! It's the most comparable one to asian sunscreens I think!
    Thanks for the review, I'll avoid PC!

  2. Awesome! Been thinking for a new sunscreen!
    But, you wrote PA+++, but I only see one + on the bottle..?

  3. not greasy && doesn't smell funny =D I'm sold!!!! lol holika holika i shall be looking for you lol

  4. Tam- Ooo thanks for the suggestion! I am going to have to tray Banana boat!

    Angie - It's hard to see on the little pic, but if you click on it, you can see it's 50+ and Pa+++.

    Steph- If you get it let me know how it works out :)

  5. Got it! a lot of +++ :D
    Gar... Will buy this! :D Thanks!