Monday, August 29, 2011

Shisedo Tsubaki Shining Treatment

Shisedo Tsubaki Shining Treatment

Price: 5000 won I think....
Ages ago I wrote a post about how much I adore the Shisedo Tsubaki line of hair care. It works so well for my dry dyed hair.
Of course I had to buy the condition treatment too!

It comes in a squeeze bottle, but the look coordinates with the rest of the series.
It's slightly thicker than the conditioner, but works the same.

It is no more conditioning than the conditioner, even when used as a hair mask. In fact, when I ran out of conditioner, I started using this instead, and there was no difference!!! My hair was not greasier, not more conditioned, no noticeable difference at all!

I wouldn't say it was a disappointing, but it is completely unnecessary if you already own the shampoo and conditioner!