Monday, August 1, 2011

Creer Beaute Salt Scrub in Blue?

Creer Beaute Salt Scrub in Blue?
Last time I was ordering things from Sasa, I tossed in a couple of random cheap items. The salt scrub by Creer Beaute was one of them!
It comes in a small packet, filled with a light blue salt scrub.  It’s only about 40g. Really it’s a tiny packet, considering it is a full size product! I could buy a whole bottle of St Ives apricot scrub (150ml!!!) for less!
But that really isn’t that point is it? No one orders stuff from Sasa, or anything from Asia, because of the cost comparison. I could get lots of stuff here cheaper, but the stuff here is boring, or sucks.

So the scrub from Creer beaute…. I was disappointed when I first saw it, I mean it is tiny…. And the package isn’t re-sealable. Maybe it’s supposed to be a one shot sort of thing (probably).
Then it sat in my closet for ages! I guess I was saving it for something special…..

It wasn’t until my nose started peeling like crazy, I’ve started using retinol, and ugh, it makes my skin look gross, all peely and uneven. YUCK!
My St Ive’s wasn’t cutting it, nor was my yogurt scrub from Etude house.
I needed something heavy duty.
Something I wouldn’t normally use on my face.
So I pulled out the little packet from Creer Beauty.
OMG, my nose has NEVER been so smooth. This stuff is hardcore. My nose was so smooth it was shiny!
It was amazing.

The salt scrub has a floral perfume scent, which is pretty strong. It contains large salt granules, that are way too harsh for the face.
It is a really strong scrub, I saved my leftovers, which are perfect for feet, elbows and other problem areas.

In the end, The scrub was really worth the money. It’s a problem solver, not an everyday product, and it keeps just fine in a Ziploc bag!


  1. I tried a mascara by creer beauty that turned out to be so bad I never tried anything from them again!
    I might just give this a go!
    How do you order from Gmarket? Can you speak korean or is there a way to translate the website? I know it has an 'english' option but it doesn't cut it for buying clothes!

  2. Hey Tam, ordering from G-market can be tough, but usually it's just a matter of matching! You find a page with clothes you want, then you match the name of the item, and the color to the drop down box! I will be putting up a little tutorial in about a week!