Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Skin Color Play Sugar Gloss
Price : 3000won (I think)
Color : 08
What's with all the Korean Makeup Brands Having sugar lip glosses? Holika's Sugar syrub gloss,  Skinfood's honey gloss, and more.... It's odd.

Why I picked color 08, an orange pink, I don't know......
Maybe I was trying to find something that goes with my Canmake cream blush that is
really peachy.....

Regardless, the Color is completely different on!!!You can seen in the picture it doesn't look orange (or peach) at all!!!

I do have very pink lips, but still! It basically looks clear with a little bit of sparkle!

It has a lovely taste/scent, it's fruity and lasting.  It's reminds me of some sort of candy. Maybe that explains the name.... Honestly, I love a lipgloss that taste nice, I end up tasting it, it's good if you are getting friendly ;) , and it's just a nice change from lipstick!
It starts out thick, but melts a bit when on. So it applies thinly,  and doesn't last at all. It's also not very shiny. It becomes more matte very quickly.

All in all it's not a successful lip gloss. The color is too ambiguous and weak, the taste is nice, but it isn't shiny and doesn't last.