Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Faceshop Apple Hand cream

The Faceshop Apple Hand cream
 Price : 4,400won ($4)
Size : 30ml
I may be addicted to hand creams…. My hands always end up so dry! I think It’s because I hand wash so many dishes.

A lot of Korean brands have been coming out with Fruit shaped Items, possibly ripping of the Japanese B&C which has been doing fruit shapes for ages.
So has Tony Moly. Now Bavi Phat is into, and the Face shop, and I am sure I have seen stuff at other shops!!

The Faceshop apple hand cream smell divine!  It smells like apple, still like perfume, but there is a freshness, and a realisticness to the scent that makes it enchanting.
The cream itself is really nice. It’s surprisingly white(Most moisturizers tend to be cream colored). It absorbs well, and has an almost gel-cream like texture. It does leave a bit of a greasy layer. I know some people hate that!
It’s really not bad though, it just leaves hands a bit slick. Just a bit.

All in all it’s a really nice hand cream, but other than the scent it isn’t anything special!


  1. YUM apple scented =p i hate leaving greasy handprints everywhere... if i were to get this it'd probably be used at night =p

  2. I love the cute apple jar. I kept my empty Tony Moly peach. I will probably store little things in it.


  3. I have the tony moly peach too! It's so cute :) It would be good for earring backs! oooo Thanks for the idea!!!

    Steph - It's not thick enough for a night one... sadly...