Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More details on my g-market haul!!

So what I spent on G-market was $240 in Stuff, and $60 in shipping.
This is super reasonable in my opinion since I bought over 30 items (40 something in fact), including 5 glass bottles!!!
I sent a tiny box to Korea from Canada, it cost me $80 (express post!) I sent it the day before I ordered stuff on G-market, and the package I sent still hasn't arrived! All that was in it was baby clothes!

So first up, what I bought from Etude house. Almost everything I bought is either something I already have, but LOVE!  This is some of the best stuff Korea has to offer!
 -Sleeping pact - Pore tightening ( There are 3 kinds, I already own the other 2, best sleeping packs EVER!!!)
-Sun Guard SPF  35
-Moistfull Toner and Emulsion ( My second bottles!)
-Moistfull Gel cream and massage cream - BEST MOISTURIZER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Second bottle!!!)
-Lucid Nail glitter nail polish
-Cherry tint in pink - I already have red, it's my favorite lip tint!
-Juicy pop lip gloss
-I'm Jumbo Pen liner
-Happy Tea Time wash - Lemon
-Yogurt Peel Cleansing foam in Fruits mix - 3rd Bottle!!! Awesome cleanser
-Golden ration highlighter in Pink - I have the gold, it's gorgeous
-An empty pump container

-Moistfull sheet mask
-2x Baking powder cleanser  30ml (A huge sample size!)
-Petit Bijou body lotion and body wash ( I hate the baby powder scent, but they are big at 30ml!)
-Aloha Make up bag (It's kind of Ugly......)
A box of  cotton pads (I love these for removing tough mascara, the ones they -sell here aren't as good!)

 I LOVE Holika!!!! I am SERIOUSLY so excited that they have a g-market store!!!
-SPF 50 Spray - I used this in Korea, it's awesome! Since it's an aerosol I thought there was no way they would ship it, but they did!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Apple Shine Peeling Toner
-Apple Shine Turnover essence
-Magic Pole mascara (It looks so cool!)
-Egg soaps (What in the world are these for?????)

Holika Holika gave awesome freebies! A whole travel kit with toner, emulsion, BB, sheet mask, tooth paste and tooth brush!!!!
Plus, a 2 step whitening sheet mask

-Mangowhite Cleansing foam
Samples - 3 power 10 essence samples

-Clear Water  Lip and eye(makeup) remover
Samples - Red appletox honey cream, tomatox massage pack, flower energy foam cleanser, AC control acne cleansing foam

Tears - A Korean Brand I don't have much experience with....
-Foundation (Not a BB like I thought :( )
-Lip gloss
-2 eye shadows
-pressed powder
Freebies - NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has NEVER happened to me!!! I only spent $3 on the cleanser from It's skin, and they gave me 3 little samples!!!!! I bought  4 things from Tears!!!!!! Blah :P


Beauty world Nail Cocktail - two sets of 3 nail polishes to make a gradated look. The pics look AMAZING!!!
Freebies - 2 nail files, sheet mask and bra straps!

-Dahoo nail protection covers - SO WEIRD :D!!!!
It came with a free Hair thingy....

-Arm sleeves - For protecting the arms from UV rays

-Konad clean pad set - To make Konading more convenient
Free - Little orange slice decals and white crystals

-Skin 79 sort of - My favorite BB cream, but not sold by the official Skin79 sellers, just some random person...... But it was a lot cheaper.....

Car Decal :) I love it! They even gave a little coffee cup decal as a freebie!

The Sellers,
In case you aren't familiar with G-market(or haven't bought anything from there yet!), all of this stuff was bought from different sellers.  So all the Etude house stuff came from the same mini shop, but all the Holika Holika came from another shop.

I've added links to all the mini shops I used for this order. I would recommend all of the EXCEPT Tears, the Foundation was all leaky and gross, everywhere on the inside of it's box.  
All the other sellers wrapped things beautifully.

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  1. Whaa I'm so jealous! All that stuff looks amazing ;___; That holikaholika goodie bag /want