Sunday, July 24, 2011

Help! What are these for??????

Hi! I need your help :D
I bought the Holika Holika Egg soaps without knowing how to use them!
I love Holika stuff that much!!!

So do you know what they are for??

The picture shows people rubbing them on their face.....
See? They are rolling them across their faces!!!

Am I supposed to use the like a facial soap? Lather and wash?
Or are they hand soaps???
Or are they supposed to be used dry????

And why are there 4 different kinds???
Are they meant for boys?????

I am guessing charcol is for serbrum removing....
But what about White egg(What does that mean?Is it made from eggs?), red clay and green tea???

Oh, and is that CN Blue in the picture?

Thank you for you ideas :D


  1. I found this blog XD

  2. I believe these are just bars of soap in the shape of an egg. Each egg is different. One for tightening, another for brightening and so forth.

  3. Thank you!!! That was exactly what I was looking for!!!

  4. i can't help you w/ the eggs but
    *squeal* CN BLUE <3

  5. yep, although people already clarified, thought i would help out again ^^

    they're egg soaps with the white one being egg white for pore tightening, the green one being green tea for moisturizing & exfoliating, the black one for charcoal for for sebum absorption and soothing trouble skin, orange one is red clay soap for eliminating bad fluids from your skin. and cn blue <3333 ^^

  6. Thanks! More is more when it comes to information!