Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beauty Credit Loose powder - Purple

Beauty Credit Loose powder - Purple
Price: ... I don't remember and I can't find it online, but it was definitely between $5 and $8 (5000won to 8000)

A little while ago I did a review of The Beauty credit make-up base in Purple. A bit of a rave review I admit.
I haven't been using the base much these days, mostly because I've been doing very basic day to day make up.
At the same time I bought the Base, I bought this loose powder.
And obviously haven't gotten around to reviewing it. Mostly because I haven't used it.
There is a good reason for that though....
First of, the loose powder is packaged in the same silver style as the Base. With the rocking horse motif on top. I really enjoy this case, its simple but pretty.
It comes in a couple of different colors. The purple, along with the more common translucent and skin tone colors.
I picked the purple to go with my purple base. Thinking it would add to the pale luminescent look.
But I guess I didn't look closely enough at it in the store...... because it's filled with sparkles....
I love sparkles, on my nails, in my gloss, even on my eyes if they are done tastefully, but all over my face?

The sparkles aren't densely packed, so the powder is usable. Particularly for the weekends or going out. But the powder itself, around the sparkles....
Too purple.
It basically does what I feared the tinted base would do, and makes me look purple. Even with just a light brushing, and none of the purple base on at all, just regular BB creams.... It gives me a weird purple cast.
A smear of the powder
This is a pic of the powder patted in a bit. You can see the sparkles, even in this lighting....
 Mind you the quality of the powder is finely milled, and not drying, it might be beautiful in another color, without sparkles. As it is, it's a Toss.... :(

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tony moly peach hand cream

Tony Moly - Peach Hand cream
Price: 4500won ($4.50)

When I bought this, I didn't know what it was.... I know that the Tonymoly tomato is brightening and the Apple is a peel, so I figured since the peach smelled good it must be something lovely.
Tonymoly is a brand here in Korea that I haven't really gotten into yet. Mostly because the products have little to no English on them....
The Peach, has nothing at all in english.
When I'm out shopping, it's hard to be enticed by something without knowing what it is.... I tend to be drawn to brands like skinfood and etude house which offer a little bit of information.
(I totally get that I'm in Korea, and I don't expect there to be English on everything, or anything really. I don't fault a brand for being all in it's native language, it just makes it harder for me to buy stuff.)

Anyway, I found out once I brought the Peach home, it is a hand cream.
Apparently it is both Anti-wrinkle and whitening; containing vitamin C, peach and apricot extracts.
It's random that hand creams are anti wrinkle... But it can't hurt... right?
The hand cream is thick, with a yellow/cream color and a strong peach scent.
the smell is nice, part really peach, with a slight tinge of fake/chemical. I really like it.
The cream texture is smooth and lovely. It absorbs really well, and the scent isn't overpowering when applied.

Its a nice hand cream. It's just not an amazing hand cream.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tony Moly Green Lip tint

Tony Moly - Greeeeen lip tint???
Price: 3500 won ($3.50)

Last week I posted an entry on my V-day Haul :). And it was requested that I post a review of a couple of the Tony Moly products. So, I bumped it up on my to do list :)

I'm not sure what in the Hell this thing is supposed to be. It's a lip products, and it's green.... But whether is's a gloss, a lip treatment, a lip tint, or something in between, I'm not sure.
I checked out the Tony Moly website, but translating the info on the product really didn't give me any answers.
Ah well, It is too cool not to buy!.
The lip tint( What I've decided to call it...) comes in a BORING black and clear tub. I hate lip gloss tubs.
I don't mind using a lip brush, but I never seem to have on around when I need one.
I find this sort of packaging is typical of Tony Moly, they have 3 styles of packaging
1. Completely utilitarian, often in black, or one or two colors, not pictures or designs.
2. Packaging decorated with old (1930's style maybe?) images of women. - which is pretty but not my style
3. Fruit.... As in life size plastic replicas (tacky but cute).
Utilitarian is fine by me, as long as the stuff works.

So inside the boring tub is a green gel, that looks exactly like a jelly sort of dessert...
And smells just lightly of fruit. I really like the faint but tasty scent!!

Application of the tint is easy, dab a brush or finger into the pot, and rub.... The stuff is super thick, so fingers actually work far better than a lip brush...
It loosens up with heat.
The green immediately starts turning pink.
Bright pink. 80's pink.
There are two other colors available at Tony Moly, a clear pot and a pink one. Both turn Pink. When I swatched them in the store they did appear to be different shades, with the clear being the palest.
It takes a really light hand to apply this without over doing it. With that said though, when applied lightly, its a very young, very sweet look.
The finish on the lips is somewheres between a tube lip gloss (think lip chap or Bonnie Belle), almost matte, with just the barest shine, and a lip tint.  It does stain the lips, but it also rubs off...

The color changing thing made me thing of O-Glow/ O-gloss thing by Smashbox. So I immediately proceeded to rub it onto my cheeks. And... WOW.
It looks amazing. It's a super natural, easy to blend, cheek color! And in fact looks almost precisely like O-glow (which long long ago I use to love, but gave up on the price and lack of versatility).
How awesome is that????  as a cheek color, it's not sticky, or shiny at all. It blends in just like a cheek tint ( so it's not like applying lip gloss on your cheeks)
Plus since O-glow is like $26, and this is like $3.5.... um... thats a huge price difference....
Therefore as a lip product, its cool, and works really well for 'nude but better' lips. But as a blush, its Perfection!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Etude House - Hand bouquet - Rich collagen hand cream

Etude House - Hand bouquet - Rich collagen hand cream
Price: 5000won ($5.00)
Writing about hand creams might be as boring as Shit. The only thing worse would be reading about them.
But oh, do continue reading....

Ah my beloved Etude house, has an assortment of moisturizing products. So far, some I have hated. The stupid lemon sugar moistrizer which, frankly, blew.

So why I was tempted to buy the Rich Collagen Hand cream I don't know.
Probably because it was in a pretty display at the front of the store. *damn product placement*

This hand cream is AMAZING. I am madly in love with it, and carry it absolutely everywhere with me.
it comes out of the tube thick, and with a soft buttery yellow color.
It absorbs beautifully, and the smell is light.

Best of all, its a thick heavy cream, that leaves my hand feeling smooth and well moisturized for ages and ages.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skinfood Apple Can Multi Blusher

Skinfood Apple Can Multi Blusher
Hidden in a little orange can is a fluffy white poof, a nice sized mirror, and a 3 colored blush.
Skinfood thus far hasn't wowed me with their cosmetics, not in the way they have with their skin care, but this little blusher, in it's atrocious can is a lovely product.
The three colors are pale peach, pink-orange and pale pink. All 3 colors are lightly shimmery.
The stripes of color are wide enough that if one were to use a small brush, each could be used.
And oddly if you use the giant puff that's included, it will pick up two of the three colors distinctly.
The poof is actually too large to swirl inside the deep sides of the pan, and the only real way to use it is to have distinct lines of color. I'm not sure if this was intentional on the part of skinfood. It is quite odd in my opinion. Especially when the product itself is so shallow....
If you look at the colors in the can, the middle color looks intense, and very on the orange side.
Once applied, whether swirled or not, its a beautiful soft peachy pink.
It's one of the most natural looking peach-pink colors I've come across.
There is a bit of shimmer, but its super subtle.
Over all it's a lovely blush. Lovely enough I might pick up some other colors....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Skin Food- Gold caviar Collagen Double Eye Serum

Skin Food- Gold caviar Collagen Double Eye Serum
Price: 28000 won ($28 eep!)
Since some of my main skin care concerns are centered around the eye area, ie. Dark circles, bags, and the fear of wrinkles, I am always hoping to find the Holy grail of Eye creams.
The skin food Double Eye serum set comes pretty darn close.
I had been lemming the set for ages. But I never spend more than $20 on an item unless its from a brand, or line that I know I will like.
So even though I am truly falling in love with Skin food, I didn't buy this set.
My boyfriend bought it for me! *sigh* The poor man, I have definately been dragging him around shopping too much if he knows exactly what to get!
The Gold Caviar Collagen Double Eye Serum set comes in a pretty book style box, with a trasparent over leaf, and gold ribbon. Skin food generally goes for minimalistic packaging. The Gold Caviar system is their headliner product line, and their most expensive.  Inside teh box  is a duo of eye treatments.One for the upper eye area, and one for the lower eye area.
Oddly enough the individual bottles are plastic, and not nearly as nice as the glass bottle for the more inexpensive serum. They are however done in the same style, with the graduated gold and purple bottle, with the gold cap.
The dispensing system is a generic pump system. which in thsi case is perfect, because One pump is about enough to do one eye. So two pumps, and you have exactly the right amount of product per use.
The two eye serums (upper and lower) are distinctly different. The lower being a thick white cream, that is quite moisturizing, but also not too heavy. It absorbs well without excessive patting.
the upper eye serum is more liquid, and almost gel like. It doesn't have the cream texture, but is light and watery.
I use it at night of course, but also sometimes in the mornings, if my eyes are puffy. It does quite  diminish puffy eyes!
As a set, I really like these eye creams.  I find my dark circles and bags under my eyes are reduced with a few days constant use, and both items absorb really well.
Sadly, they haven't defeated dark circles. But since the team goes along way to diminishing them, and making my eyes look firmer and tighter, I am definitely going to re-buy the set.

Monday, February 15, 2010

V-day Haul!!!

Happy Belated Valentines Everyone!!
My Valentines was lovely. My Boyfriend and I went shopping!
He was wonderful and bought me this great haul of stuff from Tony Moly!
- Dual effect sleeping pack - intense repair, Peach cream (smell intense!)
- Green lip gloss (it turns pink :) ,-Eyeshadow and eyeliner duo (It's super cool!)
-Grey sparkly nail polish,milky nail polish base
-black nail polish (liner/nail art)
Professional modeling mask (??? I don't know what it is, so I HAD to buy it!) and  a mask brush
And of course I bought some lovely things for myself..... Necklaces, earrings and hair things :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Banilla co lip scrub, gloss and eye shadow!!

Banilla Co
Rub me -Lip scrub
The Secret gloss
Eye love -Aqua shadow
The Secret gloss: 7,500 won ($7.50)
Rub me -Lip scrub: 7,500 won ($7.50)
Eye love -aqua shadow: 8,500 won ($8.50)
I was in Seoul last weekend with some co-workers, and I got the chance to go to Banilla co. Here in Ulsan, there is only a stand in one of the department stores, and the sales ladies are super pushy! So I actually Hate shopping there.
But in Seoul the store was so packed, the sales people were too busy to dab a gazillion things on me.

I only picked up a couple of items, Rub me - Lip scrub and the Secret gloss in Horrible (not really, actually its 03 Cloudy Pink) The Eye love -aqua shadow was actually a free gift! and since it's retail price is more than either of the items I actually bought.... Yay!
Rub me -Lip scrub
As I adore the Banilla co kiss me lip treatment, I thought I would pick up the coordinating lip scrub.
I really like the packaging on the scrub. It's pretty in metallic, with lovely script, but completely functional. It's not in some deep pot that you have scoop out, or some other pretty but non-functioning packaging. 

The scrub itself is white, creamy, with small scrubbing particles. The scrub/ roughness factor on this scrub is really low. It works, but not stupendously. I'd like something a bit more intense. The cream to exfoliant ratio is too high (too much creamy base) to be a really good scrub.
and since my yogurt cleanser from Etude house tastes yummy and is a great scrub, I just use it instead! (Plus the whole giant tube from Etude house is about the same price as the tiny one just for your lips from Banilla co!)
The Secret gloss in 03 Cloudy Pink
I HATE the color of this gloss. UGH.. I only bought it because a saleslady applied it on me. 
It looked gorgeous then.... In the store, over top my already colored lips.
Ugh. It is, as it looks in the tube too milky white, so it makes my lips look pale, but since it's a gloss and not a lipstick, it looks uneven, pale in some parts, and pinker in others where the gloss is thinner. Even with a beautiful application, or a super thin layer, it still looks wonky :(.

The compostion of the gloss though is really beatiful. It's thick and glossy, without being too sticky, and has a pretty long staying power. I will definately rebuy this line of glosses, and just pick a better more flattering color for me!

Eye love - Aqua shadow
This eyeshadow is an awesome freebie, it's a full size product, in an atrocious color. I'm sure there are talented people out there who can really work with this baby blue color. I can't. I can't help but think Mimi from the Drew Carey show....

However, despite the color this is a beautiful cream eyeshadow. Possibly the best I've ever encountered. It is cream, well pigmented, and applies smoothly. There is some sparkle, but it's not too heavy.
Once the cream dries, it is immovable. It's quite amazing. It will last all day (I've worn it a couple of times under other colors), and when I applied it to the back of my hand, it even remained through a hot shower!!!!

If I can find this in another color, I will definitely buy it, and maybe a few of them. Just not in blue...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beauty Credit - Lovely oven blusher -01 Pink

Beauty Credit - Lovely oven blusher -01 Pink
Price: 13500 won ($13)
Beauty credit is a makeup line I just recently discovered here in Korea. I thoroughly dislike the little rocking horse mascot on most of the products, too cutesy for me. But otherwise the brand is quite exciting.
The prices are cheap to reasonable, the packaging is pretty, and there seems to be a good selection.
The Lovely oven blusher was really really cheap for a baked blusher at only 13500 won ( $13). Generally anything oven baked goes for closer to $20.
The packaging is pretty but simple, in a black compact with iridescent flowers, and no rocking horse (yay!)
Inside is a nice quality brush. A lot of Korean included brush are of really nice quality, and actually worth using.

There is also a little fold out tray to keep the brush separate from the product.
The blush itself is in 01 Pink. The line includes 3 colors in total with the other two looking very orange and, very brown.
Even this is a mix of white pink and a brown almost terracotta.
Unlike most marble blushers, this one looks barely marbled. Which I find odd. The testers of the other colors looked more like what one would expect a marbled product to look like.
But since you swirl it all together in the end, it doesn’t matter to me.
The blush in the compact look quite sparkly. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the product is both shimmery, and sparkly.
I don’t like sparkly blushes. Shimmery yes, sparkly no.
When applied the color is beautiful, It’s a sheer natural pink that builds easily into a very natural color.
And when applied, even somewhat heavily, the blush is not at all sparkly.
There is a very obvious shimmer, but in a work appropriate way.
It looks like I’ve taken the time to apply both blush and a good highlighter.
The effect is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
It gives me a flushed glow.
I love love love this blush.
Between the inexpensive price, and the expensive look it creates, I will definitely rebuy!