Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beauty Credit Loose powder - Purple

Beauty Credit Loose powder - Purple
Price: ... I don't remember and I can't find it online, but it was definitely between $5 and $8 (5000won to 8000)

A little while ago I did a review of The Beauty credit make-up base in Purple. A bit of a rave review I admit.
I haven't been using the base much these days, mostly because I've been doing very basic day to day make up.
At the same time I bought the Base, I bought this loose powder.
And obviously haven't gotten around to reviewing it. Mostly because I haven't used it.
There is a good reason for that though....
First of, the loose powder is packaged in the same silver style as the Base. With the rocking horse motif on top. I really enjoy this case, its simple but pretty.
It comes in a couple of different colors. The purple, along with the more common translucent and skin tone colors.
I picked the purple to go with my purple base. Thinking it would add to the pale luminescent look.
But I guess I didn't look closely enough at it in the store...... because it's filled with sparkles....
I love sparkles, on my nails, in my gloss, even on my eyes if they are done tastefully, but all over my face?

The sparkles aren't densely packed, so the powder is usable. Particularly for the weekends or going out. But the powder itself, around the sparkles....
Too purple.
It basically does what I feared the tinted base would do, and makes me look purple. Even with just a light brushing, and none of the purple base on at all, just regular BB creams.... It gives me a weird purple cast.
A smear of the powder
This is a pic of the powder patted in a bit. You can see the sparkles, even in this lighting....
 Mind you the quality of the powder is finely milled, and not drying, it might be beautiful in another color, without sparkles. As it is, it's a Toss.... :(


  1. What amazing packaging! But ick, such sparkles!

  2. the packaging is adorable! but the sparkles are a bit to much for everyday wear I guess :T what a shame, I'd like to use that pretty jar every morning!

  3. I agree with the last two comments, the packaging is adorable. But it is very sparkly for a loose powder...when I just scrolled quickly through the pictures I thought it was an eyeshadow .__.

  4. yup, the sparkles are too much for the face, but i think it would look good if you dust a little bit in your neck and upper chest area ( i dont know it is just me). ^ ^

  5. The packaging is so cute... :*

  6. :) Beauty credit really seems to have super cute packaging!
    And myolie that's a good idea! It's worth a try, anything to get some use from it!

  7. i have their loose powder in Light, i agree the shimmer is kinda visible.. i prefer Skinfood's buckwheat loose powder =P a new follower!