Friday, February 19, 2010

Etude House - Hand bouquet - Rich collagen hand cream

Etude House - Hand bouquet - Rich collagen hand cream
Price: 5000won ($5.00)
Writing about hand creams might be as boring as Shit. The only thing worse would be reading about them.
But oh, do continue reading....

Ah my beloved Etude house, has an assortment of moisturizing products. So far, some I have hated. The stupid lemon sugar moistrizer which, frankly, blew.

So why I was tempted to buy the Rich Collagen Hand cream I don't know.
Probably because it was in a pretty display at the front of the store. *damn product placement*

This hand cream is AMAZING. I am madly in love with it, and carry it absolutely everywhere with me.
it comes out of the tube thick, and with a soft buttery yellow color.
It absorbs beautifully, and the smell is light.

Best of all, its a thick heavy cream, that leaves my hand feeling smooth and well moisturized for ages and ages.

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  1. Well, not as boring as shit as you think! I just bought this hand cream bc of you : ) waiting for it in the mail. I'm trying to grow long nails and ive heard a good hand moisturizer can help alot. not to mention i work in a resturuant and my hands get really rough and cut up so they need some tlc