Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skinfood Apple Can Multi Blusher

Skinfood Apple Can Multi Blusher
Hidden in a little orange can is a fluffy white poof, a nice sized mirror, and a 3 colored blush.
Skinfood thus far hasn't wowed me with their cosmetics, not in the way they have with their skin care, but this little blusher, in it's atrocious can is a lovely product.
The three colors are pale peach, pink-orange and pale pink. All 3 colors are lightly shimmery.
The stripes of color are wide enough that if one were to use a small brush, each could be used.
And oddly if you use the giant puff that's included, it will pick up two of the three colors distinctly.
The poof is actually too large to swirl inside the deep sides of the pan, and the only real way to use it is to have distinct lines of color. I'm not sure if this was intentional on the part of skinfood. It is quite odd in my opinion. Especially when the product itself is so shallow....
If you look at the colors in the can, the middle color looks intense, and very on the orange side.
Once applied, whether swirled or not, its a beautiful soft peachy pink.
It's one of the most natural looking peach-pink colors I've come across.
There is a bit of shimmer, but its super subtle.
Over all it's a lovely blush. Lovely enough I might pick up some other colors....


  1. ooh thanks for the review, I think i'm gonna be ordering one of those now (・ω・)

  2. i ordered one, and waiting for it.. thanks for the review

  3. I hope you like it! Come back and let me know once you've had a chance to use it!