Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tony moly peach hand cream

Tony Moly - Peach Hand cream
Price: 4500won ($4.50)

When I bought this, I didn't know what it was.... I know that the Tonymoly tomato is brightening and the Apple is a peel, so I figured since the peach smelled good it must be something lovely.
Tonymoly is a brand here in Korea that I haven't really gotten into yet. Mostly because the products have little to no English on them....
The Peach, has nothing at all in english.
When I'm out shopping, it's hard to be enticed by something without knowing what it is.... I tend to be drawn to brands like skinfood and etude house which offer a little bit of information.
(I totally get that I'm in Korea, and I don't expect there to be English on everything, or anything really. I don't fault a brand for being all in it's native language, it just makes it harder for me to buy stuff.)

Anyway, I found out once I brought the Peach home, it is a hand cream.
Apparently it is both Anti-wrinkle and whitening; containing vitamin C, peach and apricot extracts.
It's random that hand creams are anti wrinkle... But it can't hurt... right?
The hand cream is thick, with a yellow/cream color and a strong peach scent.
the smell is nice, part really peach, with a slight tinge of fake/chemical. I really like it.
The cream texture is smooth and lovely. It absorbs really well, and the scent isn't overpowering when applied.

Its a nice hand cream. It's just not an amazing hand cream.


  1. thanks for reviewing this, i was really intrigue with this one, ^ ^

  2. Thanks for the review, I really enjoyed using this hand cream :)

  3. Apparently, hands tend to be one of the first parts of the body to show signs of age, so I guess it makes sense that this cream is anti-wrinckle ^^ I don't really like the packaging though :/

    It must take so much of your time just to go shopping :/

  4. oh cool...I love the smell of peach & I need a handcream....so I would definitely be looking for this....Thanks...

  5. interesting...i love the packaging! 8)

    <33 rena

  6. Cute packaging! It's like a real peach, hehe.. :)

  7. The packaging is so cute I'm tempted to get the tomato and apple versions too.... *sigh*

  8. Hummm...I was wondering where you purchased this (was it in Korea itself?) since it's sooo cheap! I hope you can help me find it for $.50 as well! I would greatly appreciate it since my hands are super duper dry!

    <33 Rena

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