Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tony Moly Green Lip tint

Tony Moly - Greeeeen lip tint???
Price: 3500 won ($3.50)

Last week I posted an entry on my V-day Haul :). And it was requested that I post a review of a couple of the Tony Moly products. So, I bumped it up on my to do list :)

I'm not sure what in the Hell this thing is supposed to be. It's a lip products, and it's green.... But whether is's a gloss, a lip treatment, a lip tint, or something in between, I'm not sure.
I checked out the Tony Moly website, but translating the info on the product really didn't give me any answers.
Ah well, It is too cool not to buy!.
The lip tint( What I've decided to call it...) comes in a BORING black and clear tub. I hate lip gloss tubs.
I don't mind using a lip brush, but I never seem to have on around when I need one.
I find this sort of packaging is typical of Tony Moly, they have 3 styles of packaging
1. Completely utilitarian, often in black, or one or two colors, not pictures or designs.
2. Packaging decorated with old (1930's style maybe?) images of women. - which is pretty but not my style
3. Fruit.... As in life size plastic replicas (tacky but cute).
Utilitarian is fine by me, as long as the stuff works.

So inside the boring tub is a green gel, that looks exactly like a jelly sort of dessert...
And smells just lightly of fruit. I really like the faint but tasty scent!!

Application of the tint is easy, dab a brush or finger into the pot, and rub.... The stuff is super thick, so fingers actually work far better than a lip brush...
It loosens up with heat.
The green immediately starts turning pink.
Bright pink. 80's pink.
There are two other colors available at Tony Moly, a clear pot and a pink one. Both turn Pink. When I swatched them in the store they did appear to be different shades, with the clear being the palest.
It takes a really light hand to apply this without over doing it. With that said though, when applied lightly, its a very young, very sweet look.
The finish on the lips is somewheres between a tube lip gloss (think lip chap or Bonnie Belle), almost matte, with just the barest shine, and a lip tint.  It does stain the lips, but it also rubs off...

The color changing thing made me thing of O-Glow/ O-gloss thing by Smashbox. So I immediately proceeded to rub it onto my cheeks. And... WOW.
It looks amazing. It's a super natural, easy to blend, cheek color! And in fact looks almost precisely like O-glow (which long long ago I use to love, but gave up on the price and lack of versatility).
How awesome is that????  as a cheek color, it's not sticky, or shiny at all. It blends in just like a cheek tint ( so it's not like applying lip gloss on your cheeks)
Plus since O-glow is like $26, and this is like $3.5.... um... thats a huge price difference....
Therefore as a lip product, its cool, and works really well for 'nude but better' lips. But as a blush, its Perfection!


  1. Wow, this looks so interesting..haven't tried any Tony Moly products yet, thanks for this review^^

  2. amazing, green gel on the tub and bright pink when you swatched it. might look it up on ebay. thanks for the review ^ ^( how about the super cute peach cream were you satisfied with it?)

  3. Cool review :)

    Hi Myolie, if you are still looking for this lip balm, I currently have it in stock (down to the last 2!), retailing for S$9.90, exclusive of shipping charges. (It really is a very cool lip balm!)

    You are welcome to visit my website for more details:

    Cheers! :)

  4. Hi Mack, always love reading your reviews! Will come back and read up more on your reviews! =)

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  7. how to order ???? if im from Malaysia ???