Sunday, February 14, 2010

Banilla co lip scrub, gloss and eye shadow!!

Banilla Co
Rub me -Lip scrub
The Secret gloss
Eye love -Aqua shadow
The Secret gloss: 7,500 won ($7.50)
Rub me -Lip scrub: 7,500 won ($7.50)
Eye love -aqua shadow: 8,500 won ($8.50)
I was in Seoul last weekend with some co-workers, and I got the chance to go to Banilla co. Here in Ulsan, there is only a stand in one of the department stores, and the sales ladies are super pushy! So I actually Hate shopping there.
But in Seoul the store was so packed, the sales people were too busy to dab a gazillion things on me.

I only picked up a couple of items, Rub me - Lip scrub and the Secret gloss in Horrible (not really, actually its 03 Cloudy Pink) The Eye love -aqua shadow was actually a free gift! and since it's retail price is more than either of the items I actually bought.... Yay!
Rub me -Lip scrub
As I adore the Banilla co kiss me lip treatment, I thought I would pick up the coordinating lip scrub.
I really like the packaging on the scrub. It's pretty in metallic, with lovely script, but completely functional. It's not in some deep pot that you have scoop out, or some other pretty but non-functioning packaging. 

The scrub itself is white, creamy, with small scrubbing particles. The scrub/ roughness factor on this scrub is really low. It works, but not stupendously. I'd like something a bit more intense. The cream to exfoliant ratio is too high (too much creamy base) to be a really good scrub.
and since my yogurt cleanser from Etude house tastes yummy and is a great scrub, I just use it instead! (Plus the whole giant tube from Etude house is about the same price as the tiny one just for your lips from Banilla co!)
The Secret gloss in 03 Cloudy Pink
I HATE the color of this gloss. UGH.. I only bought it because a saleslady applied it on me. 
It looked gorgeous then.... In the store, over top my already colored lips.
Ugh. It is, as it looks in the tube too milky white, so it makes my lips look pale, but since it's a gloss and not a lipstick, it looks uneven, pale in some parts, and pinker in others where the gloss is thinner. Even with a beautiful application, or a super thin layer, it still looks wonky :(.

The compostion of the gloss though is really beatiful. It's thick and glossy, without being too sticky, and has a pretty long staying power. I will definately rebuy this line of glosses, and just pick a better more flattering color for me!

Eye love - Aqua shadow
This eyeshadow is an awesome freebie, it's a full size product, in an atrocious color. I'm sure there are talented people out there who can really work with this baby blue color. I can't. I can't help but think Mimi from the Drew Carey show....

However, despite the color this is a beautiful cream eyeshadow. Possibly the best I've ever encountered. It is cream, well pigmented, and applies smoothly. There is some sparkle, but it's not too heavy.
Once the cream dries, it is immovable. It's quite amazing. It will last all day (I've worn it a couple of times under other colors), and when I applied it to the back of my hand, it even remained through a hot shower!!!!

If I can find this in another color, I will definitely buy it, and maybe a few of them. Just not in blue...

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  1. ha ha mimi from drew carey,yup i was also thinking the same thing when i saw the blue eyeshadow.