Monday, November 2, 2009

Banilla co - goodnight kiss
Banilla co is definitely not a cheap brand… I haven’t found a stand alone store for it yet in Korea, but have only encountered it in department stores (never a good sign!)
Anyway, I’ve been dying to try Banilla co’s Goodnight Kiss since I read a review of it on Lotus Palace. Most lip treatments I encounter are day time treatments… or mentholated, or just plain suck.
When I travel my lips get super chapped, and remain dry for up to weeks after. I bought Nivea’s kiss care out of desperation. But it sucks! It barely helped at all.
My lips remained chapped even days after I had settled in here.
The remained chapped until I found Banilla co, and bought goodnight kiss.
Then poof, the morning after using, My lips were no longer chapped, no longer peeling, and completely normal.

Thank god.
The product comes in a squeeze tube, but its sooo thick its really hard to get it to come out.
I prefer a squeeze tube to a little pot for lip treatments, but in this case, the product should have been put into different packaging.
It’s not a big issue though, just irritating.
The product itself is milky white and very different than a Vaseline based lip treatment. Its smooth and silky, but the texture is different somehow.
There is almost no taste, and I can’t detect a scent.
One minor issue though, is unlike Vaseline, this stuff disappears quickly.
I presume it’s being absorbed by my lips, but sometimes you want a oil based layer to seal the outside of your lips, especially for a night time treatment.
This lead me to the discovery that the product works best when worn to bed under a layer of Vaseline.
You get the best of both worlds really.
And the combination of the two is the best lip treatment 

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