Thursday, November 12, 2009

Etude House- Baby Skin Base
Price: 6000 won ($6.00)
Size: 30ml
I’ve been dying to try some of the weird colors of make-up bases available in Korea.
It’s true that some brands like Make Up Forever, offer bases in colors other than white…  But considering how expensive MUFE is, I’m not spending my money on something I’ve never tried before.
So The first thing I bought when I got to Korea - Etude house  baby skin base in - GREEN!
I tend to get red and blotchy, and my nose is red all the time (*sigh*).
Green promises to even out redness.

The Baby skin base comes in UGLY packaging.
This is super surprising considering that just about everything in Etude house is adorable…

But it has a hygienic pump top, with cover, so I guess I can’t really complain since it is functional.
Inside, the base is green.
Not just green tinted, or slightly colored, but Green.

It reminds me of Witches make up for Halloween.
Luckily, when applied most of the color dissipates.
Personally it leaves me very very pale.

It doesn’t leave a green cast to the skin, but it does make me look ghastly pale. Sickly almost.
I think someone darker than me might not have that problem…
And if it’s used just on targeted areas, like the nose and blemishes, it’s not a problem.

(Can you see it? If you look carefully you can see the difference between pink and green!)
The texture is soft and smooth, but not like the usual silicone base. It applies smoothly, but only moderately fills in pores/smoothes out skin texture.
If it weren’t for the inexpensive price and the green color. I wouldn’t buy the baby skin base again.
But since the color itself really does  vanish the redness of my nose (Goodbye Rudolph!)
I will definitely be purchasing the Baby skin base in purple soon!!!

Later note: There is no purple baby skin base. Only in the dream base. *sigh*


  1. hallo... thank you for following and dropping by... wow.. u seems to be a fan of etude house. do u like them?

  2. *Laughs* I really like etude house, it's cute, cheap, and close to work!