Saturday, November 21, 2009


Etude house Giveaway!!!

Pearl Essence Mask
Collagen Essence Mask
Aloe essence Mask
Juicy pop lip gloss 
Robins Egg blue nail polish
Etude House Black butterfly mirror
Collagen Moistfull essence Large
Collagen Moistfull essence - small
Collagen Moistfull cream - small
Collagen Moistfull freshner (toner) - small
Collagen Moistfull emulsion (moisturizer) -small
Moistfull Toner - small
Moistfull essence - small
Total Age repair Toner- small
Total age repair Emulsion - small
 Precious minerals bb creams -sample
Total age repair Royal Essence - sample
Collagen Moistfull cream -  sample

The Giveaway closes November 30th . I won’t pick the winner until December 1st, so anywhere in the  world that it’s still November, you can still enter!

Rules (They suck but…. It’s free stuff!)

1. You must be a follower!  (So you need to be logged in when you leave your comment so I can identify you!)
2. Please leave a comment, stating what item is your favorite to read reviews about! (I like to read about new skin care gadgets!)
3. The contest is open world wide!
4. The winners are chosen by
5. Winner please contact me by the end of December 4th, or I will redraw!


  1. Whoa lots o stuff that I haven't never heard/seen before.

    I like skin care thingies too especially masks!

    I like your blog!

  2. Hi, you have a really nice blog here. And, you seem to have some Korean brand beauty products. I'm planning to visit Korea in January, and I'd really love to learn more about their skin care products. =)
    Just wondering if you're familiar with Beauty Credit, I read about it on a forum and it seems to be pretty good.

  3. I've never tried Etude House products before so here's trying.

    My favourite item to read about would be hydrators of all kinds such as moisturizers, serums, masks for the face.

    Your background is so cool! I like it.

    Thanks for the chance! Feel free to drop by my new blog too when you've the time.

  4. I love reading about bb creams as im still on a hunt for my hg.
    and i love reading about peoples hauls..from places like Lush cosmetics :D

  5. Hey! Thanks for the comment =) Awesome giveaway! My favorite item to read reviews about is pretty much any asian beauty products! I always want to try new bb creams, eyeshadow, blush, etc. so before I buy I always hunt for good reviews (:

  6. Hi!! I love reading about BB creams even though I can never find any (I can't order online). Very generous giveaway! :)

  7. Well..i love to read about anything beauty related..but gotta put nail polish on top...thats my weak point!

  8. hi sweetie..

    thank you for checking out my blog, i already followed your blog..

    haven't tried any etude products yet, since this were all samplers i wanna give a try..

    i spread the word here:

    hugs and kisses

  9. hey!! what a lovely giveaway, i always wanted to try etude house stuf!!! they lookm so great, i love your reviews

    1. I'm a follower, but just in case u forgot, since i followed u a long time ago ....I follow u under the weird name "Monkichi" and have no picture
    2. I like to read about all bauty stuff, especially your reviews on it!


  10. Awesome Giveaway!! I'm a total Etude House Addict.

    I love reading the reviews about the different types of masks Etude House offers!

  11. im a follower and my favorite to read is definitely skincare reviews.

  12. I love to see reviews on skin care, nail polish and Indie companies or new companies.

  13. hey hey !
    i already following ur blog !hehe
    umm reviews i want to read,well actually too many !lol
    umm mineral blush,foundie and kawaii korean japanese makeup,banila,etude,skinfood,etc

  14. Great blog :)
    Would love to read reviews on Korean/Japanese Whitening Lines and Masks.

    Thanks in advance ^^

  15. Nice blog :)
    I love reading reviews about Asian whitening products, since I have fairly tan skin and really want to change that haha

    Great giveaway btw :)

  16. New Follower here! :)
    I am a really avid in watching out for skin care products that help me clear my skin and brighten my dull complexion. I try just about anything that has good reviews, and I look for it everywhere be it in dept stores or online shops.

    I am a huge huge fan of asian makeup and skin care brands like skinfood, etude, missha, innisfree and the like. I'm crossing my fingers for this one.

    Thanks for having this giveaway. I featured you on my blog sidebar!

  17. I'd love to read more about skincare products since flawless skin is my current obsession. I realized that no amount of makeup can make a person with bad skin look better than a person with perfect skin sans makeup.

    So yes, knowing what facial products (stuff like ance creams, masks, things that reduce pore size lol) out there actually work would be extremely helpful :D

  18. I love your blog :) of right now I love to read reviews! Especially on products that are from like Korea/Japan/etc. But I like to read a little bit of everything too.

  19. I like to read about eye creams that work! I haven't found a good one yet. Maybe one day! Awesome giveaway! Please check my jewelry giveaway and blog out! :)

  20. I like to read reviews about makeup (lipstick and lipgloss)
    Thanks for the chance.

  21. thanks for visitng my blog,i followed ur blog as well now ^^
    i like to read about dailylife! i dont care what its about, i am just curious to know how life is for other people


  22. I like reading about bb creams review coz I'm kind of addicted to them :)

  23. i count me in. Here's the link to my blog

  24. Hi count me in. Here's the link to my blog

  25. Yay giveaway, thanks so much sweetie! Your prizes are so awesome :)

    I'm a follower! The products I like to read reviews about the most are masks, sheet masks especially, because I'm on a mask frenzy right now :p in general, I always enjoy reading about new skincare products because I'm always on the lookout for new products to try that'll improve my skin condition :)

  26. hi.. :) i like reading reviews about natural soaps and mineral make-up, recently, about bb creams too.. it helps a lot if you really are that careful not to buy the wrong stuffs that'll eventually won't work for your skin.. :)

    nice blog. :)

  27. Hello, I'm a new follower. ^_^ I posted about your giveaway here:

    I love reading reviews on moisturizers,masks, whitening products, serums and blushes ^_^. Any skincare products that will make my skin clearer and fairer hehe. Thank you for having this amazing giveaway, have a nice day. ^_^

  28. I am new follower,

    I like reading about nail polish as I started to use them but not sure how to maintain the colour stay on until I find out that we need to put based coat and top coat nail polish. Its fun to read about beauty review coz I have so much to learn.


  29. hi! im a follower :)

    i like reading about reviews on skincare and foundation :)

  30. Enter me :)
    my email:
    i am a follower


  31. hi
    iam a follower
    i would love to see the latest make up review

  32. hey ya!
    was googling around and found ur blog!:)
    it's prety cool to stumble upon sites like that..

    umm...well, i love reviews on the latest pretty makeup(especially affordable ones) that doesnt harm the skin:)

  33. WOW! Great giveaway! you're so generous!
    I love to read about japanese/korean makeup. always wanted to try etude house stuff acutally.

    Anyway, thanks for this!

  34. Followed ya!

    I rummage through blog posts looking for makeup newbie-friendly tutorials on eye makeup.

  35. Thank you for letting me know about this giveaway!!

    I love reading about skincare reviews..especially face lotions since I have such a hard time finding a good one.

  36. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I love reading reviews of asian cosmetics, because I can only get them online, I dont get to see them until after it's been paid for! so I watch reviews and swatches to help me make up my mind and save money, me hard up =)
    I have sensitive skin so stating whether products are fragranced or not etc help a ton!

  37. yay new follower! :)

    count me in please ^^
    i've never tried Etude products before, so crossing my fingers for this ;)

    i love reading abt swatches and gloss/lippie reviews btw

  38. New follower here! i love to try those etude products

    i love reading about lipstick swatches and blushes! :)

  39. I'm sorry. I didnt signed in when i commented here. I'm the AIRA above. thanks!

  40. Hi there!
    I love reading reviews about foundations, mascaras and nail polishes.

  41. Hi there,

    I love to read the review about eye care products since I'm stilling looking for my HG.

    I blogged about your giveaway in my blog:

    Thanks for such wonderful giveaway!

  42. i love to read the review about different face brightening products from mask, to cream to essence to lotions. love the prizes they are awesome!!!

  43. I am a follower
    I like to reda reviews about kid stuff

  44. Hi! I'm a follower! :)

    I love reading about asian skin care products because I don't have easy access to them! Thanks for this giveaway!

  45. This giveaway looks amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! I love reading BB cream reviews and facial masks.. I'm addicted, they feel so refreshing~


    Am following!

  46. New follower here! Personally I enjoy reading about all lip products! :3


  47. I love reading about all the new makeup products that are out. I live vicariously through my lovely blogger gals!
    Swtest2lips at gmail

  48. Great giveaway!!

    I love reading about Mascara and eyeshadow reviews

  49. This is great! I'm a follower and I love reading reviews about mascara and skincare products!


  50. heeheyyyy!!!

    I absolutely LOVE. LOOOOVVVVVVEEE reading reviews about face masks, and those other skincare products.

    looks like such a great giveaway, and i'm sooooo following. :) hihi/


  51. Etuuude House! How I love thee!
    I just love reading reviews about any foreign products! ^-^ koreasoutsides[at]

  52. I like to read about cosmetics. Any types. Be it lippie or shadow or mascara. Love love love!!!

    seekforbeauty [@] gmail [dot] com

  53. ah I realize I wrote my email wrong it's koreasoutsiders[at]!

  54. I love reading about skincare products, make-up products, and hauls+reviews.