Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nature reserve -facial mist  
Morocan Rose

Price 3,300 won ($2.76 US)
I don’t usually use a face mist.  In fact, I don’t know anyone who does….
But since using Sheer cover, and mineral foundations, I’ve found that what I once though was completely unnecessary can actually be pretty useful.
A face mist can be used to hydrate the face before applying make up, it helps create a moist canvas so make up sticks better and lasts longer
Or to refresh dried out make up.
With drying mineral powders, a face mist works super well. When my make starts to not looks so fresh and pretty, a quick squirt and it moistens the face powder, making my make up look closer to flawless.
Although…. Since discovering BB creams I use my Mineral makeups less and less.
But it’s still nice after a long day at work, a quick spritz is kind of like a jolt of coffee, perks you up so you can make it though those last few  hours.
I have an aversion to anything that smells like old lady or baby powder. And generally anything rose scented falls into one of those two categories.
But I LOVE the scent of the ‘ Morocan rose’. (That’s how it’s spelt on the bottle… I thought Moroccan had to cc’s but hey…)
It smells almost like real roses. Like I ‘ve just stuck my head into a dozen beautiful blooms.
I even chose this scent over the other, Love Hawaii. Which is coconut and tropical. And when you consider that nearly half of all my perfumes have coconut or pineapple notes,  and NONE have rose, this scent has to be pretty special.

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  1. awww now im curious !hehe
    where did u get this from??
    u have so many unique stuff !lol
    btw what bb cream u use?does it have the healing process??