Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maybelline intense xxl  volume +length micro fiber mascara
Price: $6.34 @ Walmart US
Since I madly love big full dark lashes, any product that promises to make my lashes bigger, fuller and/or darker is a must try.
Since maybe line isn’t a brand that I normally like for Mascara I’m not entirely sure why I even bought this particular one… 
It’s the standard duel mascara, a white base coat, that adds length and fullness to the lashes, and a second, black coat to make them dark.
The base is pretty good. It goes on smoothly, and does add a bit of length, and a tiny bit of fullness.

It’s not exceptional. But it’s good.
The mascara portion, alone is also pretty good. It’s a nice deep black, it clumps some, but nothing major, and it adds some fullness on its own.

Perplexing the base and Mascara are not a good combination…
With the addition of the base, the mascara all of a sudden clumps like crazy!
I’ve tried letting my lashes dry after the base, gently combing them through before and/or after they are dry, then applying the mascara.
Still, they clump, a lot.
The Mascara worn alone,  fairly rub and smudge proof. It lasts a whole day, then removes easily with make up remover.
With the base, all of a sudden it flakes…. And smudges.
Its idiotic.


  1. hi dear! thanks for visiting my blog :) you have a very cute blog yourself!

    hope you'll like the nail polish remover from tfs! i don't like acetone smell either! hehe the pink one makes it a little more tolerable :p

  2. Their combination sounds bad!

    Have you bought the Apple AHA mask? Can't wait for your review =D

  3. I haven't gotten it yet. Even though I'm in Korea, the VOV masks are hard to find in my area! I plan on searching this weekend!