Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CG exact eye lights 
(black ruby) 
Price: ~6
Cover girl has never let me down when it comes to mascara, well, that it until the exact eye lights collection.
They SUCK.
The brush design is basically the same as CG’s Lashblast. So really there are no complaints there.
But the mascara itself is Shit.
It wasn’t worth the money I paid for it.
I have Hazel eyes…. Which I know can mean pretty much anything. Technically they are blue and brown, but they come across green. So my eyes look fantastic with subtle red. I have a gorgeous liner by Sheer cover that’s subtle, but makes the green POP.
So when I bought the  Eyelights in Black ruby, that’s what I was hoping for.
I didn’t expect to open it up and find a tube of red mascara.

 I didn’t expect dramatic results.
But I had hoped for something. 
For my whites to look just a bit whiter, and the green a bit greener….
In fact, the color, though slightly red, tends to turn ashy on my lashes.
So they end up looking like I have white primer on my lashes.
It looks wrong.

I’ve even tried putting it over/under other mascaras.
With no success.
The Eyelights line is a complete rip.


  1. aww...sorry that it didnt work out, but thanks so much for telling us, your reviews are always the best!

  2. awww sorry it didnt work for u
    the first time i saw the ads,i thought it was a ridiculous idea !hehe

  3. Lol, I'm glad to hear someone else thought it was ridiculous!

  4. Again, thanks for the warning...I probably would have tried this if it went on sale.
    That would have been a waste of money...