Monday, November 16, 2009

CoverGirl lash exact 
Price: $6
Until Cover Girl came out with their Lashblast mascara, this was my go to Mascara.

I think the brush design is amazing. It applies a good amount of product, while separating the lashes.  The result, longer fuller lashes, with minimal clumping.
Now of course the soft silicone brushes are everywhere.
But even still I  keep a tube of this around.
The mascara itself is dark, long lasting and doesn’t flake.
I find the non-waterproof version to be better than the waterproof. They seem to be equally long lasting…. But the water proof is hard to take off, even with make up remover, so I always end up with raccoon eyes when taking a shower, because there always seems to be some I missed….

Covergirl lash blast
Price: $6
This is my FAVORTIE mascara.  I’ve used everything from wet n’ wild to Lancôme and Buxom (from Sephora). But I always always always come back to Cover girl Lash blast.

Why?  It’s cheap, and it always works.
I get consistently big, beautiful lashes, with almost no clumping. With barely any smudging ( I am  an eye rubber) and NO flaking!
This mascara gives as good as any of the Big name mascara’s! I was hooked on the comb mascara by Elizabeth Arden for quite a while. But CG is just as good, at nearly a quarter of the price!

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