Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Etude House Juicy pop Tube Lipgloss.
Price: 2500 won (Less than $2.50)
Size: 10g
Comes in 6 colors
I bought two different lip products from Etude house. A tube of sparkly pink lipgloss. And the magic tint balm.

Sadly the Magic Tint balm disappeared before I ever had a chance to use it.
And believe me, I searched for it. But its gone gone gone….

The Etude house Tube lip gloss, is basically what it looks like….
A sparkly pink lip gloss. It was exceptionally cheap at only 2500 won (US $2.50). I really didn’t expect much.
It’s glossy, with a slight rose pink, and scattered sparkles. The sparkles are small and refined, so there is no feeling of rough bits. 
The texture is smooth, and not sticky.
Like similar glosses of this sort, there is almost no lasting power, Maybe an hour or two if one doesn’t eat or drink.
Generally its cute and unexceptional, except for one point, the smell.
I LOVE the smell. It  a subtle sweet lemon scent.
Oh, it’s so good. I love the smell of lemons, and this is light and sweet enough not to smell like cleaner, and subtle enough that only the person wearing it can even smell it.

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  1. is that EH magic tint balm in shade 3? orange pink?