Thursday, November 19, 2009

Maybelline pulse perfection mascara 
Price: about $15 (ewww for a drugstore brand)

Ok. Ok. I was taken in by the glittery and new…
And its maybe line. I don’t know why I even buy their mascara, I hate them ALL.
This one is the worst though.
The whole gimmick is the brush vibrates, separating the lashes, supposedly making them fuller.
It doesn’t work. My cover girl BIG LASH gives me bigger fuller lashes.
I can’t even tell the difference between using the mascara with and without vibrations.

One thing that the mascara does well, is it clumps very little, even with a couple of coats.
The vibrating helps with this, but barely….
The reason I hate this Mascara though, it flakes.
It flakes like crazy.
I admit, I tend to rub my eyes. But this is ridiculous, After like an hour my boyfriend is saying I have black stuff all over my face.
And I do… It’s so bad.
Even when I don’t rub at my eyes at all, the stupid stuff still flakes.
It’s so bad it’s un-usable.

1 comment:

  1. Holy!
    Thanks for the warning...
    I never understood why mascara needs to purpose does that serve?
    I'll stick to regular non-motorized mascara thanks...