Friday, November 6, 2009

Sheer cover Lip to Lid Highlighters
If you’ve ever used one of the MAC pigments than you know what to expect from the Sheer Cover Lip to Lid Highlighters.
They are basically mineral loose powders. The selling point is the “lip to lid” factor. They can basically be used anywhere! 
They come in three colors



They are very smooth, lightly pigmented, and very sparkly.  The sparkles are very finely milled mica to compare it to MAC’s pigments, they aren’t nearly as pigmented. As you can see from the pictures of me using them as eye shadows, there isn’t a whole lot of color pay off...
The Bronze color is supposed to also act as a bronzer, to compete with other Mineral lines that have bronzers. But it’s so sparkly I can’t see how anyone could use it as anything more than a highlighter.
EOTD in Bronze and Peach

The peach and the pink work well as highlighters though. I actually love the peach for adding a tiny bit of sparkle to my cheeks. But I think the pink would be really nice on darker skin tones.
They can also be used as lip pigments. Just mix with any lip gloss (clear or translucent are best) then apply with a lip brush.
They work surprising well as a lip color! The colors come across as more pigmented (although they produce a frosted look); they are not too glittery on the lips. Best of all they wear really well, and once the top gloss has work off, they are kiss proof! 
Seriously, the pigment smooth coats the lips (not rough or scratchy at all), so even when you kiss and eat, the pigment stays fused to the lips.
It’s really cool.
Last, but not least, my absolute favourite thing to do with the LTL’s is to use them as a lip highlighter. I take a little of the pigment (peach usually), and line the top inner bow of my lip, then dab a little in the center of my bottom lip. Then top with gloss. Or, if wearing lipstick, apply it for then the Ltl.
It gives an effect just like in magazines, and wears really well.

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  1. whats the brand of this thing?never heard of this before !loll
    i love the peach one !!hehe