Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream - Sheer silky Skin
Price : 13500 won ($13.50)
Size: 50g
One of the first things I did when I got to Korea was went searching for somewhere that sells Skin79. Having tried out mini’s of 4 different kinds of BB creams, I had fallen in love. And I really really wanted the full size.
To my dismay, I have unable to find anywhere that sells skin79.
So, in the meantime I’ve been using  make up  that gives me ok, but not amazing results.
The Cover girl tru blend foundation. It’s fine, it’s a good color, but it has no added benefits, no skin whitening, or even sun protection.
So, seeing on Lotus palace that the Precious Mineral  BB cream by etude house looked approximately my color, I went out and swatched it.
To my excitement, it was an excellent match.
I’ve now been using it almost daily.

It comes in nice packaging, The tube, with a hygienic pump top and sturdy cover, so it can be stood up. A fact I appreciate.
The appearance of the packaging, while not adorable is a one up on Covergirl.

The color is good. It looks dark when first squirted, but lightens a lot when spread out. Its kind of weird how different it is when blended in.
The color is very beige, with no yellow undertones.
However if applied all over the face it does give a bit of a sallow appearance. Almost as though the base tone is grey instead of yellow. But if you’re not looking for heavy coverage all over the face, this isn’t a big issue.
It’s a thick BB cream. With a nice smooth texture, it spreads nicely and evenly. It gives good coverage I’d say medium, with a little flexibility either way.  There is minimal clumping in fine lines or pores. If applied correctly, and set with loose powder it lasts all day, and is good against a light sweat. 
It does wipe off pretty easy though.
Though the BB cream lists a number of benefits, I haven’t notice any affect on my skin as of yet. Except for sun protection though, I feel any other attributes are a bonus.
Most important is it’s quality as a foundation and a decent SPF level.
Still, I do love the Skin79 BB creams even more than this. So given the choice I would go for them.
However notably there is a significant price difference. The Skin79’s being listed at 3000 won ($30.00) and Etudes house Precious mineral BB is only 13500 won ($13.50) that’s a big difference….

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  1. omg!!!! wah seems so awesome, ive been reading about this bb cream, i really really want to get it!!!!!!thanks so much for such a wonderful review, im so addicted to bb creams