Sunday, November 8, 2009

Benefit - High beam
Price: $24 US at Sephora
Size: 0.45 oz
Even though Benefit is a bit of a cult favorite, it’s not a favorite brand for me. The kitschy packaging is attractive but holds absolutely no appeal to me.  More importantly,  the products  are both unappealing and in my opinion unremarkable…
So other than a few star items, I don’t even bother with benefit.
But I have been trying to find a good, and I mean really good highlighter for ages.
When using Mineral make up, my appearance tends to dry and powdery. So adding a powder highlighter, it doesn’t’t really enhance  a  natural appearance.
I’ve wanted a cream or liquid highlighter.
And if you ever looked for one…. They not exactly easy to find. Everything is powder.
After reading soooo many glowing reviews of High Beam on Sephora, I was stoked to try it..

High beam is  in a clear bottle,  very much like a nail polish bottle, with a similar applicator.  

It’s a light pink. It applies shimmery, but not glittery.

It’s easy to apply.  When applied lightly, is easily subtle enough for day, but an be applied more heavily without looking fake.
Overall it gives the skin a nice dewy look without being obvious.

The only noticeable issue is its weak staying power. It wears of really quickly… Like an hour or two at best…
Still, its definitely a nice product, and a wonderful alternative to powders!

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