Monday, November 9, 2009

Etude house moonlight shimmer blush
Price: 8500 ($8.50)
Size: 7g
Comes in 4 colors.
I love highlighters. A highlighter and a coat of mascara go a long way to making skin look even and beautiful.
I don’t find that north American make up brands offer than many highlighters.
At least not in the cheaper, low to mid-range brands.
A few brands like Guerlain (like meteorites line) and Lancôme have beautiful ones, at exorbitant prices…
So finding a good highlighter that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg… Not the easiest.
My old stand by - benefit high beam.
For a highlighter its kind of expensive at $24.
In comparison the Etude house highlighters are a lot cheaper at around $8.5

The Etude house moonlight blusher comes in  a pretty, girly pink compact. It’s small, light and in my opinion cute but not so cutesy as to be tacky (although I am sure tons of people would disagree)

Inside there is a mirror and brush in the same cute style as the compact.
As a general rule, I never use included brushes or applicators. Since they tend to be of super cheap quality, and I have an assortment of beautiful brushes.
However, in this case I make an exception.

The Included brush is beautifully soft. Feels like natural hair rather than synthetic(though I don’t know what it actually is.)
but mostly the wide but flat brush works really well for apply the highlighter.
Its narrow enough to sweep highlighter on the brow bone, without getting it every where. The bristles are soft enough to apply the highlighter lightly, so the application doesn’t look obvious.
And since most of my brushes are either face brush size, or smaller eye shadow sized, I don’t have a brush quite so well suited to application of a highlighter.
As you can see from the pictures, the highlighter is divided into 3 bands of color, white,  pale blue and lavender.
The stripes are wide enough that you can puck up individual colors if you desire, but upon application they all just look white so it’s pointless.

The color of the powder is very WHITE, and cool.
If I apply more than the tiniest bit, it looks like I’ve covered myself in white powder.
The highlighter is also oddly matte.
Honestly, I’ve never come across a matte highlighter.  So the effect is different than I’m used to.
When used sparingly, its one of the subtlest highlighters I’ve ever encountered.
Its subtle enough to work with a soft natural daytime look.
Based on that, I like it. But Its almost unusable for a  glowy face. It’s too white to be applied more than sparingly.
I think on someone darker than I the effect would be even more pronounced, in a bad way…

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