Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Skin Food- Gold caviar Collagen Double Eye Serum

Skin Food- Gold caviar Collagen Double Eye Serum
Price: 28000 won ($28 eep!)
Since some of my main skin care concerns are centered around the eye area, ie. Dark circles, bags, and the fear of wrinkles, I am always hoping to find the Holy grail of Eye creams.
The skin food Double Eye serum set comes pretty darn close.
I had been lemming the set for ages. But I never spend more than $20 on an item unless its from a brand, or line that I know I will like.
So even though I am truly falling in love with Skin food, I didn't buy this set.
My boyfriend bought it for me! *sigh* The poor man, I have definately been dragging him around shopping too much if he knows exactly what to get!
The Gold Caviar Collagen Double Eye Serum set comes in a pretty book style box, with a trasparent over leaf, and gold ribbon. Skin food generally goes for minimalistic packaging. The Gold Caviar system is their headliner product line, and their most expensive.  Inside teh box  is a duo of eye treatments.One for the upper eye area, and one for the lower eye area.
Oddly enough the individual bottles are plastic, and not nearly as nice as the glass bottle for the more inexpensive serum. They are however done in the same style, with the graduated gold and purple bottle, with the gold cap.
The dispensing system is a generic pump system. which in thsi case is perfect, because One pump is about enough to do one eye. So two pumps, and you have exactly the right amount of product per use.
The two eye serums (upper and lower) are distinctly different. The lower being a thick white cream, that is quite moisturizing, but also not too heavy. It absorbs well without excessive patting.
the upper eye serum is more liquid, and almost gel like. It doesn't have the cream texture, but is light and watery.
I use it at night of course, but also sometimes in the mornings, if my eyes are puffy. It does quite  diminish puffy eyes!
As a set, I really like these eye creams.  I find my dark circles and bags under my eyes are reduced with a few days constant use, and both items absorb really well.
Sadly, they haven't defeated dark circles. But since the team goes along way to diminishing them, and making my eyes look firmer and tighter, I am definitely going to re-buy the set.

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