Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beauty Credit - Lovely oven blusher -01 Pink

Beauty Credit - Lovely oven blusher -01 Pink
Price: 13500 won ($13)
Beauty credit is a makeup line I just recently discovered here in Korea. I thoroughly dislike the little rocking horse mascot on most of the products, too cutesy for me. But otherwise the brand is quite exciting.
The prices are cheap to reasonable, the packaging is pretty, and there seems to be a good selection.
The Lovely oven blusher was really really cheap for a baked blusher at only 13500 won ( $13). Generally anything oven baked goes for closer to $20.
The packaging is pretty but simple, in a black compact with iridescent flowers, and no rocking horse (yay!)
Inside is a nice quality brush. A lot of Korean included brush are of really nice quality, and actually worth using.

There is also a little fold out tray to keep the brush separate from the product.
The blush itself is in 01 Pink. The line includes 3 colors in total with the other two looking very orange and, very brown.
Even this is a mix of white pink and a brown almost terracotta.
Unlike most marble blushers, this one looks barely marbled. Which I find odd. The testers of the other colors looked more like what one would expect a marbled product to look like.
But since you swirl it all together in the end, it doesn’t matter to me.
The blush in the compact look quite sparkly. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the product is both shimmery, and sparkly.
I don’t like sparkly blushes. Shimmery yes, sparkly no.
When applied the color is beautiful, It’s a sheer natural pink that builds easily into a very natural color.
And when applied, even somewhat heavily, the blush is not at all sparkly.
There is a very obvious shimmer, but in a work appropriate way.
It looks like I’ve taken the time to apply both blush and a good highlighter.
The effect is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
It gives me a flushed glow.
I love love love this blush.
Between the inexpensive price, and the expensive look it creates, I will definitely rebuy!


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