Monday, February 15, 2010

V-day Haul!!!

Happy Belated Valentines Everyone!!
My Valentines was lovely. My Boyfriend and I went shopping!
He was wonderful and bought me this great haul of stuff from Tony Moly!
- Dual effect sleeping pack - intense repair, Peach cream (smell intense!)
- Green lip gloss (it turns pink :) ,-Eyeshadow and eyeliner duo (It's super cool!)
-Grey sparkly nail polish,milky nail polish base
-black nail polish (liner/nail art)
Professional modeling mask (??? I don't know what it is, so I HAD to buy it!) and  a mask brush
And of course I bought some lovely things for myself..... Necklaces, earrings and hair things :)


  1. omgggg thats green lipgloss is SO COOL. please tell us how it works!

  2. awww nice haul!!u r so lucky u r in korea!lol

  3. the green lipgloss that turns pink sounds super cool, you should do a review on it! x

  4. That peach cream looks amazing, and i love the robot necklace!

  5. i cant take my eyes off the peach cream ( it is soooo cute)

  6. Happy Valentines! :D That peach cream looks so awesome! Do write a review on it pls pls :D

  7. hi! whats the effect of the professional modeling mask?