Monday, March 1, 2010

I love the Skinfood -Papaya yogurt wash off mask

Skinfood -Papaya yogurt wash off mask
Price: 4500won ($4.50)

Oh Skinfood, so boring looking and yet so yummy!
The Papaya yogurt wash off mask is one of many skinfood wash off masks.  Like Banana, Cucumber and Kiwi.

Here in Korea, sheet masks are plentiful and diverse. But more and more I'm finding that no matter what the packaging says, they are all basically the same inside. And I never get the sort of results that I do with a good wash off mask.
Of course, since sheet masks are cute and convenient, there is no way I'm giving them up, but I still like to keep some wash off masks in my repertoire.

So this mask is super cheap. Considering it's only $4.50 and I've used it at least 10 times, and I'm about 1/2 way through.... That makes it what? about 25cents a use? Compared with VOV daily fresh masks which are about $2 each (for the sheet masks...)
Thats crazy!

However, It's totally not about the money. If the product is shit, I don't care how much it cost, or how little.
The Papaya yogurt mask is not shit though. It's AMAZING!

So in the white jar is a pale green cream with lots of dark green dots. I presume they are supposed to burst or dissolve for extra conditioning power. They don't. Ever.

You apply the mask all over the face, and then leave it on for 15minutes, then return to the bathroom and wash it off.
I hate wash off masks. I hate tramping back and forth to the bathroom, and I loathe anything with the possibility of drippage!

But when you wash of this mask... ooooo. My skin is smooth and super well moisturized! I's so gorgeous and amazing! It still feels fresh and young even the next day!!!!!!

Plus, I've discovered that if I put the mask on my face during my shower, then shampoo and condition my hair, my face is baby soft by the end of my shower! So now I always use the mask when I'm showering! It is wonderful!!!!!!!!!


  1. nice tip about the showering and putting on mask, i will try it.^ ^

  2. OO i have this mask too and I LOVE IT TOO!!!
    I actually have two pots, they last for ages.

    Great tip about the showering too, sooo gna try that :) and isnt the smell of this mask just gorgeous!

  3. If you're looking for the perfect formula that can brighten up your skin naturally and safe then papaya is the perfect answer for that. Did you know that papaya contains important ingredients that helps the skin free from ugly signs of aging. Keeping your skin naturally beautiful and glowing. This mask is the perfect remedy for you!

  4. Oh! Sounds so good!!! Singapore online store sells it at 18.50 SGD which is super jack up price here!
    Thanks to middleman. I'll wait till I get to Korea and get this.
    Poor skin now. hah...

  5. I love to mask in the shower too while I wash & condition my hair. It makes it easier too coz you wash off hair & face & you are done. I used the Skinfoof Banana mask daily & that kept my dry skin flake free in dry climate.

  6. where can i buy it?!?! i leave in canada!

  7. Sadly, I've yet to find a seller that ships to Canada.....