Monday, March 15, 2010

It's skin - Blackhead clear oil Gel

It's skin - Blackhead clear oil Gel
Price: 6500won/ $6.50
Black heads SUCK.
It's simple. No one wants them, and they are just about impossible to get rid of.
Mine aren't that bad, my nose isn't the prettiest, but with a quick layer of BB cream, and it looks just fine.
Still, I want my nose to be smooth and perfect.

It's Skin's Blackhead clear oil gel, is the best thing I've used to date!
It's a small pot of thick yellow gel. It's not the prettiest packaging, or the most nicest looking product....
But ah well.
You scoop out a finger-full of the yellow paste (or better yet, a spatula full,of course one isn't included :( )

Then you apply it to the area with blackheads.
What you  do next.... I'm not sure. There are no directions. At least not in English.

I've tried it two ways, rubbing it in with little circular motions, or just applying it. Then you let it sit. For 15, even 20 minutes.
After a while, white stuff begins to seep up from my pores.
It's basically sweat, carrying along with it dirt, and bacteria.
You then wash the gel off, and all the grossness goes away.

After a couple days use, my blackheads are visibly smaller and lighter :D.

Even after using this stuff for quite a while, my blackheads aren't All gone.... But there is the biggest improvement I've ever seen (better than pore strips!)
Honestly, this stuff is cheap, easy, and gentle.
I completely recommened it to everyone!!!


  1. Wow, i want to try it! I am gross and like watching icky stuff come out of poors.

  2. Oh I wonder if I could buy it in US?

  3. Where do you buy it in Korea? I live in Seoul but have never seen this brand for. I'm interested to try it! Do you remember how much it cost?

  4. sorry desolation, other than g-market, I don't thinks its available in the US. You should try G-market though! It's pretty easy.

    The brand It's Skin has stand alone stores (like etude house and nature republic) It's definitely available in Seoul, in Myeong-dong certainly.

    And it was 6500won/$6.50!

  5. awww its cheap and works!damn im in no buy mode!plus i cant use nice u always try new korean stuff!hehe

  6. oooh..i think i need this product...thanks for sharing!

    <33 Rena

  7. do you have a gmarket link? this product is interesting, i hope it works! I have a load of those stinky blackheads.

  8. this product is really hard to find. cant even see it on ebay ^ ^

  9. Sorry about the delay RED majexty, G-market is at
    If you need any help, just let me know!!!!!!!!

  10. Hello Mischievous Mack,

    I'm glad I stumbled upon your site. Anyways, I used your link you provided and am having trouble finding the product. I was wondering if you could help me? And how much was shipping to the U.S?

  11. Sorry Waverly, I got it in an It's skin store. If I see it on G-market I will let you know!

  12. why is this not on gmarket u_u

  13. You can find it at
    Find us on
    Or email us directly at
    We do ship overseas.